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Minutes, July 2012

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – July 11, 2012 Meeting

Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Lisa Miller , Stacy Connor, Tawnya Anderson, Kim Lund, Jennifer Harris, DJ Harris, Marissa Perzee, Cliff Miller, Melody Clark.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the June 13, 2012 meeting.   Cliff moved to accept, Jennifer seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was reviewed.   Stacy moved to approve; Jennifer seconded the motion.   Motion carried.


Coaches Wish List:  Mr. Meyer not in attendance.   Coach Harris spoke about the desired sprinkler system.  He explained that a sprinkler is no longer on the wish list; it is a necessity.    A sprinkler system would need to be installed post-season because now there is not enough time.  Coach Harris will get new bids.   Discussion consensus was hopeful that the costs could be shared among the Booster club, the high school and the IW Youth Football League.

Trophy Cases:   Mr. Meyer not in attendance.   Mr. Meyer had told Anne he was still waiting to meet with Johnny Zirkle.

Apparel Committee:   The apparel committee stated that orders have been placed with Denny’s Sporting Goods and Iroquois Print.  The committee will finalize an order with Massey Design after the fair.  Apparel will be available at registration.

Duties of Chairpersons:  The chairperson for each sport will give volunteers schedules, will make sure volunteers show up when assigned, makes sure the concession stand is open and will keep supplies stocked.  The chairperson will not have to do any ordering.  The chairperson simply notifies the President when an item is low.

Pork Producers:   Lynn Brown has agreed to cook pork chops; he has requested a schedule.

Youth Football:  Anne is working with Jenny Schunke regarding youth football games.   (Youth football league has three days of home games and will host one playoff game.)

Chairperson assignments:

Football                                Anne Carney

Volleyball                              Kim Lund

Soccer                                 Cindy Guttendorf

Girls’ Basketball                    OPEN  (Anne will contact a few possible candidates)

Boys’ Basketball                   Junior Class (Lisa Miller – contact person)

Baseball                               OPEN

Apparel                                 Apparel Committee will speak with a few possible candidates

*Addendum – Melody & Matt Clark

Booster Water:  Stacy gave an update on the IW Booster bottled water.  The price per bottle is now $.55/bottle.  (Last couple of years’ price has been $.50/bottle.)  Water will be delivered to Gilman for a $25 fee.   Mike moved to purchase the water again from Frog Water Farms, using the same label.  Kim seconded the motion.  Motion carried.    Three pallets will be ordered.   Cliff requested to be contacted when the delivery is made.

While discussing the bottled water, candy and concession prices came up.   Next month, prices will be reviewed before sales begin for the new school year.

Donations updates:

Pork Producers:                Completed (Send Lynn schedule)

Fire Departments:             Completed

Popcorn Bags:                 Mike Mansfield will donate bags

Napkin Donations:            Prospect and Farmers State Bank of Danforth have given napkins

Pocket Calendars:            Prospect committed to the pocket calendars

Sports Ads:  The current total collected is $3,050.  The deadline for businesses to submit an ad is July 20.


Registration:   Volunteers are needed to work at registration to sell passes and apparel.   The passes will be $45 for adults and $40 for students.   Melody will work in the morning 7-11am.  Marissa can work 7-9am.  Jennifer may be able to provide additional help.  Stacy and Anne will work the 3-7pm shift.     Anne will take care of the ad for registration for the newspapers.

Clean up:  On Wednesday, July 25 at 7pm, cleaning of the trophy cases and the concession stand will be done.   All are encouraged to attend.

Sports Ad list:   The sports ad list and boards needs to get to Iroquois Print when finalized.

Sponsor Decals:  Anne has started research for the decals for Booster Sports Ad businesses.  The ones she found are $1.80 per decal.  Anne will do additional research for pricing.

Upcoming Events:  The Football Kick-Off cookout is August 6 at 6pm at IWHS.    Volunteers are Kim, Tawyna, Jennifer, Cliff, Lisa and Melody.  “Meet the Raiders” is August 17.  Details will be finalized at the August meeting.  Volunteers are Jennifer, Stacy, Melody and Kim.  (Kim will do volleyball sign-ups.)


As discussed earlier in the meeting, IWYFL has three home games and will host one play-off game (October 20).

Mike moved to give the cheerleaders a $500 donation for helping with the sports ad.   (This is consistent with prior years.)  Cliff seconded, motion carried.

The Rifle Club donation was very much appreciated.   It was also mentioned that someone from Clifton donated a majority of the costs of lodging for the group.

Mike moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   August 8, 2012 7:30pm* at Pizza Palace

*Due to registration going until 7pm, the meeting will not begin until 7:30pm.