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Minutes, September 2012

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – September 5, 2012 Meeting

Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Kim Lund, Stacy Connor, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Soni Santoyo, Jennifer Harris, DJ Harris, Tom North.

MINUTES: reviewed from the August 2012 meeting.  Matt moved to accept, Mike seconded, all in favor  – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: reviewed from the August 2012 meeting.  Mike moved to approve, Kim seconded, all in favor – motion carried.



Decals for Sponsors – Decals came in and most are already delivered.  Matt Clark delivered to Onarga businesses, Anne & Mike to Gilman and Danforth.  Kim was given those to deliver in Watseka and Crescent City, and Jennifer Harris the remaining Gilman businesses.  Soni will take the one for GHC.  Anne will mail what was left.  The Booster web site has a Sponsor page on it.  We are collecting these businesses web address while delivering so that we can link their site to their name listed on our page.

Coaches Wish List – Coach Denny is getting prices and compiling a list of items she would like to get for the volleyball program (new net, net cart, balls, etc) for next year.  She should have it together within the next week or so.  Her wish list items should be in the $500 range.     Football program / Hanns would like to prioritize the in-ground watering system for the football field.     Hanns has discussed and received approval from Ms. Killus to price some mats for the MS south wall and stage.  We would also like to get some vinyl banners similar to what the high school has.  We would like to work a 3-way split between the high school, middle school and boosters to fund those 2 projects.

Trophy Case – Johnny Zirkle and Hanns discussed what we would like to see for trophy / plaques display case.  He is going to come back sometime and discuss it further.  In the meantime Hanns needs to discuss with BOE and administration the location and maybe eliminating some scholarship plaques that we no longer give out.

Homecoming – Briefly discussed the schedule for next week’s Homecoming events.  1) The Powder Puff football games are on Wed night.  Booster have worked the concessions in the past, agreed that we would do this again.  Mike, Anne, Soni, Matt and possibly Melody have agreed to be there that night for concessions.  Kim can come later.  Anne will send out an email to see if anyone else not in attendance tonight is interested.     2) Discussed donating shirts to shoot out of the cannon during halftime of the game Friday night.  Mike moved that we donate 10 shirts to be thrown out, Matt seconded, all in favor.  Mike and Matt will shoot the cannon that night.  3) The Parade will be Thursday at 4:15pm.  Cliff has already given the OK to drive his golf cart in the parade.  He has the magnetic signs to put on the sides as well.  Mike, Anne and possibly Jennifer will ride in the golf cart for the parade.  (Anne is purchasing candy to throw).     4) We were also asked by the cheerleaders if we would be willing to donate popcorn for the Bon Fire on Thursday night.  The cheerleaders are going to supply free drinks and cookies.  Stacy moved to donate the popcorn; Jennifer seconded.   Motion carried.

WEB PAGE:  Anne purchased a web page bundle which includes the $26 discussed at the previous meeting.  The bundle includes hosting and customization.  Matt moved to reimburse Anne; Kim seconded.   Motion carried.    (Note:  The debit card for the Booster Club has been applied for and we are waiting for it to arrive in the mail.)

Anne asked all to visit the website   The website is linked to the district page, high school and middle school web pages.  For sponsors, we will link their web address to their name on the sponsor’s page.   When distributing the remaining decals, Booster members should mention this to the businesses.

Additional pages will include a page for apparel with pictures and a page for team pictures which, at this time, will include fall sports.  Winter sports will be added as pictures are taken.  DJ will get Anne the team pictures.    Anne asked that all Booster members think about it and submit additional suggestions to her.


APPAREL:  Matt Clark presented the apparel report.  Inventory showed approximately seventeen items of apparel were missing.   Discussions included who has access to the trailer and the necessity of new locks.   The school must have access to the trailer to get the flags.  It was determined the flags could be moved to the concession stand.    Anne will speak with youth football to inform them of the new locks.  Matt moved to purchase two new combination locks; Stacy seconded.  Motion carried.   (NOTE:   Since the meeting it was found that the inventory was re-evaluated and not as many items were missing as originally thought.  New locks were installed.)

If anyone has a need for any apparel item, please contact Melody and keep her informed.

Regarding the tie-dye shirts, thirty have been sold and there are only five left.   No children sizes left.   Mike moved to authorize $750 toward a reorder of tie dye shirts.  Jennifer seconded; motion carried.

GATORADE PROPOSAL:  Mr. North presented a Gatorade proposal to use the packets of dry mix that the high school football team uses.   The drink could be made before the game and then filled in the customers’ bottles.   Questions arose regarding refills and health concerns and what type of containers would be allowed to be refilled.   Mr. North offered that maybe it could be tried at a JV game.   Soni asked if it could be tabled until next month so there could be more time to think about it.  Additional discussion took place.   Kim moved to try the program at the LeRoy JV game; Mike seconded.  Motion carried.

FALL SPORTS BANQUET:  Since this event is in November, it was decided to discuss it at next month’s meeting.   A “Pack the Place” night has not been determined yet.

There was no info for Volley for the Cure.  (NOTE:  Informed after meeting that we will not be hosting this year, therefore no need for anything)


Mr. North suggested there be theme nights for Varsity football games on Friday nights.   He suggested “Drive to Five – Big Rig Style.”  He suggested we do this at the October 5 game.   Truck drivers staying in Gilman that weekend could go to the game at a discount and receive a free gift at concession, maybe a bag of free popcorn or something.  Members agreed to form a committee.  Volunteers for the committee are Mike, Anne, Soni and Jennifer.  Mr. North will work with the committee.  He had already spoken with Mr. Meyer about his ideas.  (NOTE:  Heather Tammen and Cindy Guttendorf responded after the meeting to work on the committee as well)

Youth Football night is the night the high school plays Momence.

The September 20th soccer game needs a volunteer.   Soni will help Cindy that night in concessions.

The October 10th Booster meeting needs a secretary.  Kim agreed to take minutes.

Anne talked about the concession stand and the need for restrooms and locked storage.   Members discussed that getting an estimate for an addition to the concession stand would be the starting point.   DJ moved to get an estimate; Jennifer seconded.  Motion carried.  Anne and Matt will work on the project and move forward to get an estimate.

Matt inquired about who paints the spear direction signs on the roads.   The group thought that the Spirit Club paints them and has a template.   Anne will contact Karla Jean.   Matt moved to supply paint if needed.

Question asked if the end zone could be painted.  The end zone will be painted if the team makes the play-offs.

Mike moved to adjourn.