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Minutes, October 2012


Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Melody Clark, Jill Cultra, Tawnya Anderson, Shelly Fancher, Jenny Schunke, Cindy Guttendorf, Shelly Daniels, Matt Clark, Mike Carney, Mr. Dukes, Marisa Perzee, Jen Harris, DJ Harris, Lisa Miller, Cliff Miller, Luci Gonzalez.

MINUTES:  Reviewed from September 2012 meeting.  Cindy moved to accept, Marisa seconded, all in favor—motion carried.

TREASURERS REPORT:  Lisa M. indicated that the report does not include the payment for pompoms.  She also went over the income and expenses on the sheet.  Track and cheerleader payments are still outstanding.  Marisa P. stated the cheerleader uniforms were ordered and it would be a couple of months before they would be billed.  Reviewed the treasurers report.  Shelly F. moved to approve, seconded by Matt C., all in favor—motion carried.


Coaches Wish List Update—There is nothing new to report.

Trophy Cases Update—When Johnny Zirkle slows down with his seasonal work, they will meet again to discuss.

Pack the Place—Football will be having local nursing home residents attend the game.  There is still help needed with the concessions and apparel stands.

Volleyball—Tomorrow night is senior night.  Coach Denny would like to have a promotion during half time.  The Booster Club has been asked if they would donate shirts and provide someone to hand out raffle tickets for a drawing to happen between games.  Mike C. made a motion to donate 3 shirts, Melody C. seconded, all approved—motion carried.  Shelly F. volunteered to hand out the raffle tickets and conduct the drawing.

Fall Sports Awards Banquet 11/13/12 @ 7pm—Anne reviewed banquet details.  Anne asked for volunteers to work in various capacities at the banquet.  Volunteers are as follows:  set up—DJ; ordering cookies/punch—Anne to check with Nexus on donating cookies; serving at the banquet—Marisa P., Anne C.; Pick up cookies/punch—Jen H.

School Board Meeting—Anne C. reported that there is a school board meeting on Monday night @ 7:30pm.  Anyone who wants to go is encouraged to attend.  It was asked that any opinion voiced on either side of the issue at hand please be done as an individual and not in the capacity of an Athletic Booster Club member.  The Booster Club is a neutral party in this matter.


Pizza Sales by Senior Class at Home Varsity Football Games—The question of the senior class selling pizza was discussed.  It is not an option for the varsity games because of the competition with concessions and pork sandwich sales, but selling at JV football games is an option.

Mats for Middle School—A photo of the mats was passed around.  The total price of the mats is $7500.  Originally the Booster Club was approached about paying 1/3  of the total cost, but it has been asked if the Booster Club would pay ½ of the cost, with the other ½ being split between the middle and high schools.  It was further asked if the Booster Club would be willing the pay the entire amount up front with ½ being reimbursed to the Boosters after the holiday tournaments.  Matt C. inquired as to what financial commitments the Booster Club currently has.  Track and cheerleading uniforms at $1200 and $850 respectfully were reported as current commitments.  There is no price yet on the trophy case.  The sprinkler system was also brought up, with no cost determined yet on that potential project.  Extensive discussion followed.   Lisa M. made a motion to table the decision on the Booster Club’s contribution until after the tournaments at which time the school will have a better idea of the amount they can contribute and the Booster Club will decide what amount to contribute at that time.  Seconded by Mike C.—motion carried.

Middle School Cheerleaders—Jenny Schunke and Shelly Daniels were present to request a donation to go towards the uniforms for the middle school cheerleaders.  There are 8 cheerleaders and a donation of $20-$25 each was requested.  A motion was made by Cindy G. to donate $25 per cheerleader or $200 in total to the middle school cheerleaders, seconded by Marisa P—motion carried.

Chairpersons for High School Basketball Concessions—Lisa M. to be the chairperson for the boys basketball game concessions and Heather Tammen and Jill Cultra will co-chair the girls basketball game concessions.

Confirm Winter Sports Programs—DJ agreed to verify these programs with Barb Monk.  He was asked to mention to her that one page in some of the fall programs was flawed.

Family Reading Night—Scheduled for 11/15/12.  Matt and Melody will sell apparel at this.

Close Outside Concession Stand—Last game is 10/20/12 which is the youth football playoff game.  The drinks need to be moved inside.  DJ to get kids to help with this.

Promotional Ideas—Ideas to increase attendance.  Anne passed out a sheet of notes regarding this issue.  Anne spoke with Hans Meyer and Mr. Dukes about increasing attendance at various sports functions.  The handout is just a list of ideas.  Anne reviewed the list and asked members to be thinking of other ideas and come prepared to discuss this topic at the next meeting.


Soccer Concessions—Volunteers to help Cindy are needed for the Saturday game at 11am.  Marissa P. volunteered herself and her daughter, Sara.

Concession Stand Upgrade—Lisa M. inquired if there was any estimate on this potential project yet.  There is no estimate yet.

Spirit Arrows—Lisa M. inquired about the Spirit Arrows being painted.  DJ was involved in the painting of the arrows and Mr. North is to turn in a receipt to the Booster Club for the cost of the paint.

A motion was made to adjourn to Marissa P., seconded by Jill C.—motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.