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Minutes, November 2012

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – November 14, 2012 Meeting

Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Karla Jean, Stacy Connor.

MINUTES: reviewed from the October 2012 meeting.  Matt moved to accept, Mike seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: reviewed from the October 2012 meeting.  Question asked about the difference in price on the newspaper ads.   Why was one so much higher than the other?  Another question was if members can see the quantity ordered on pork chops and it was asked how much money we make on the sale of a pork chop.   Anne restated that a thorough review of all concession items and pricing will be done before any purchasing takes place for next year.   Melody moved to approve, Matt seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


Coaches Wish List – No additions were made to the wish list.  Current items are the middle school mats and the football field sprinkler system.   The middle school mats were ordered and installed due to someone at the mat company needing to complete the order before going on medical leave.   Mr. Meyer said the cost breakdown will still be divided into thirds:  1/3 middle school, 1/3 high school and 1/3 booster club.   Members discussed the booster club share. Matt moved the booster club will pay up to $2,500, which would be about a third of the cost.   Mike seconded the motion.   All in favor – motion carried.

Family Reading Night – Booster club will sell apparel at Gilman Elementary for Family Reading Night.   There is now a plentiful inventory of the tie-dye shirts.   The elementary school expressed much gratitude for boosters having a presence and selling apparel there.

Concessions:  The girls’ basketball Holiday Hoops Tournament will be held at both the high school and the middle school.  Boosters will handle concessions in both places.   High school boys regionals are planned to be held at the middle school.


Memorials:  Memorials were sent from the IW Booster Club for Don Reitz and Alex Hoffman (the young man from Tri-Point).  Matt moved to reimburse Anne for the cost of the memorials sent; Melody seconded.  Motion carried.


Pork Producers:  Typically boosters give a donation of $150 to Pork Producers for the work they do.   Melody moved to give Pork Producers a $150 donation and Stacy seconded.   Discussion continued regarding what they donate and what we pay for.   Anne reminded members that the booster club also supplies passes for four Pork Producers and their spouses.   Motion passed.

Donation:   Gibson Area Health Services will give the IW Booster Club a $2,600 donation for the 26 touchdowns the varsity football team scored during the 2012 season.

Concession Addition:  Discussion took place regarding whether or not to sell hot dogs at basketball games.   Workers will have to come a little earlier.   Certain logistics will need to be ironed out and additional hot dogs will need to be ordered.   Matt moved to sell hot dogs at $2.50 per hot dog.  Mike seconded; motion carried.

Bottled Water:  Frog Water Farms had notified us that the additional pallet is ready.   Storage is tight right now.   FWF will be notified when we need the water and are ready for delivery. Stacy will let FWF know status.

Apparel:  Question asked as to whether the apparel can stay in the trailer through the winter.    Answer is yes, apparel can stay in the trailer.

Promotional Ideas:  Rose McCray from Rantoul went to businesses and sold ads to put on seat cushions.   Boosters will receive the seat cushions and sell them or use as give-a-ways.  No cost to booster club.   She sold all 15 ads.   Members agreed that the “Raiders” with the spear should be the logo used.


Fan Bus:   Extensive discussion was held on whether or not to do a fan bus.  Members  reviewed costs, participation needed to justify cost, marketing strategy and requiring sign-ups.  Members reviewed game dates and length of travel.  Karla will speak with students to gauge interest and let Anne know.   Jason Connor can talk to Incobrasa about donating fuel costs.   Members agreed to proceed agreeing to do one boys’ game and one girls’ game.   Dates will be determined after Karla speaks with students.  Members agreed to charge $3 per person and boosters will cover the rest of the costs, considering it an experiment to see if there is interest and participation.

Spirit Club:  Discussion on doing theme nights with spirit club on nights of home basketball games.  Ideas requested that will help pump up spirit.  Idea suggested about providing meals before games.   There was not a lot of interest for a pre-game meal and there was concern of finding workers for a pre-game meal.   No action taken.

Denny’s Restaurant:  Denny’s restaurant is interested in offering a 20% off coupon.   Questions raised about how we would use the coupons and how they would benefit boosters.  Could they be used on an activity pass or a VIP card in the future?  It was unclear as to how boosters would use the coupons right now.   Members thought it may be too challenging to find someone to hand out coupons and wondered if maybe the school could hand them out at the admission gate.  Anne explained that Lisa Miller has additional information and can present it at the next meeting.  No action taken.

Matt moved to adjourn.

NEXT MEETING:  TENTATIVE DATE – DECEMBER 12TH @ 7PM – PIZZA PALACE; IF no December meeting, next meeting will be JANUARY 9 (TENTATIVE).