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Minutes, January 2013


Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Melody Clark,  Cindy Guttendorf, Matt Clark,  Marisa Perzee, Jen Harris, DJ Harris, Lisa Miller, Hanns Meyer, Karla Jean, Kim Lund.

MINUTES:  Reviewed from the November 14, 2012 meeting.  Matt Clark moved to accept, Jen Harris seconded, all in favor—motion carried.

 TREASURERS REPORT:  Lisa reported that $2600 was received from Gibson Area Hospital for touchdowns made during the varsity football games last season.  Reimbursement of $1694 was received from Youth Football.  She also reported that the pork producers have not yet been paid because they are still totaling the costs to bill us.  Cindy G. moved to approve, seconded by Jen H., all in favor—motion carried.


Trophy Cases Update—Hanns reported he is still working with Johnny Zirkle.  It will be about one month before the project can be started.  Possibly move the scholarship plaques that are currently above the trophy case to elsewhere in the building.

Wish List Items—Boys Basketball would like DVD camera.  Coach Aire would like IPad Step program to keep stats.  Track uniforms—There was an issue last year with the high school track uniforms fading after one wash.  These were not paid for.  Denny’s agreed to replace them.  Hanns has told Coach White to check out pricing at Denny’s for track uniforms.  This order could possibly be added onto the high school replacement order allowing for a volume discount.  Coach Rhodes would like a batting cage set up close to the park.  The ball diamond is not owned by the school district, so approaching the other parties involved to split the cost is an option.  Coach Rhodes to get pricing.

Mats for the Middle School—Hanns has not been able to get in touch with the representative regarding billing.  He is currently out on medical leave.  The total cost is $7500.  The high school will pay 1/3, Hanns will talk to Miss Killus about the middle school 1/3.  The Booster Club will commit 1/3.

Seat Cushions—Anne reported on the seat cushions.  There are 100.  Inquired as to what the Boosters would like to do with them.  A $5.00 selling price was discussed.  Melody and Matt will take a box of them to the concession stand to be sold at the basketball games.  Motion to sell them for $5/each was made by Matt C., seconded by Jen H.  All Approved.

Fan Bus—It didn’t happen in December.  Discussion on available games to send a fan bus.  It was decided to send a fan bus to the boys game on 1/25/13 at STM in Champaign.  This bus will be open to everyone.  The cost will be $3/each.  The bus will leave at 4:55pm.  Sign up will be from 1/17-1/23.  The students will need to be paid by noon on 1/23.  The general public will pay when they get on the bus.  There will need to be a minimum of 20 signed up by 1/23 to take the bus.   Karla to handle the advertising at the school and organizing a One Call Now.  Anne to handle advertising in the newspapers.  Wait on sending a bus the girls game for now.  Possibly to sectionals.


Feel the Love on 2/8/13.  This is a boys game in Onarga.  There was discussion as to what would be donated.  A motion was made by Kim L., seconded by Marissa P.  to donate a popcorn and a drink as a prize with a limit of 15.  All approved.  Anne to contact Carley Eigner and look back at previous minutes to determine what the Boosters did for this event last year.

Advertising on T-Shirts—Table for a future meeting.

Popcorn Bags/napkins/water—Federated Bank has napkins.  Lisa to pick up popcorn and bags.  Jen to get napkins from Prospect Bank and Anne to get napkins from the Farmers State Bank in Danforth.  Extra water the Boosters have will be stored in the copy room.

Coachs’ Appreciation Dinner—Possible dates are 4/20 (first choice) or 4/27 (second choice).  Anne to talk to Shagbark on availability of dates.

Winter Sports Banquet—Date is March 11 at 7pm.  Will need volunteers.  To discuss at the next meeting.


Melody reported that Deb Foulks approached her about selling the three styles of hats at the Cornerstone Café in Onarga.  Melody gave her 2 of each style.  2 of the camo hats have sold so far.

Motion to adjourn made by DJ, seconded by Cindy G.