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Minutes, February 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – February 13, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Stacy Connor, Kim Lund, Jennifer Harris, Cassandra Jacobs, Marissa Perzee, Melody Clark, Matt Clark, Karla Jean, Brian Dukes, Hanns Meyer.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the January 2013 meeting.   Matt moved to approve the minutes, Melody seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was reviewed.  A question was asked about the price of popcorn.  Members were reminded that a review would be done at the end of the year to review all concession stand pricing.   Melody moved to approve the treasurer’s report; Jennifer seconded the motion.   Motion carried.



FAN BUS:   There were not enough interested parties in the fan bus for the St. Thomas Moore game, as there were many activities on that same night.   However, the fan bus for the sectional girls’ game was very successful.   Thirty-six people signed up including students and four adults.   There was a charge of $3 per person and that will be the charge for future fan bus trips as well.   Only one fan bus will be needed for the sectional game.   Incobrasa donated $150 toward the cost of fuel.   (NOTE:  At the meeting, there was uncertainty if Sergio’s email meant $150 or 150 gallons.  After the meeting, Sergio clarified that Incobrasa’s donation was for 150 gallons of fuel.  Incobrasa was thanked for this generous donation.)    Cost of the bus is $4.37/mile.  Spirit Club sponsor, Karla Jean, offered that the spirit club may be able to help with funds in the future for fan buses.

Mr. Dukes shared with booster club members that there were a lot of compliments for the fan bus.   He said it really made a difference in the turn out for the girls’ game.   He thanked the booster club again.

FEEL THE LOVE:  An update was given on “Feel the Love” night.   Booster club gave certificates and candy for the mentors to give away as prizes.  There was an excellent turn out that night.

COACH UPDATES FROM MR. MEYER:   Middle school track team is in need of uniforms and a starter gun.   The high school track uniforms have not been paid yet because there is an issue with the uniforms.   Questions were asked about the middle school uniform rotation.   Currently there is not a formal rotation policy regarding middle school uniforms.   Mr. Meyer shared information about how uniform requests are submitted and how the rotation at the high school works.

Matt moved to budget the full amount requested ($1,622) for track uniforms and starter gun with the caveat that Mr. Meyer will address, with the new principal in the fall of 2013, that the Boosters cannot react to emergency uniform needs.   Mike seconded the motion.   All in favor; motion carried.

Further discussion took place regarding middle school concessions and concessions in general.   Booster members feel that the coaches need to be supportive of helping with concessions and understand where the donations from uniforms come from.   Mr. Meyer supported that idea.   A note will be given to the coach when a “wish list” item is received.

MIDDLE SCHOOL MATS:   Treasurer will issue a $2,500 check to the district.    Mr. Meyer will email Lisa a copy of the invoice for record keeping purposes.

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:   The dinner will be April 20, 2013.   Cindy will do the invitations and RSVPs.   Cocktails will be at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm.   Quotes and inspirational phrases will be on the tables again.   Jason Connor will research cost for possible speakers.



WINTER SPORTS BANQUET:  Banquet will be March 11 at 7 pm.   Anne will do the invitations.   Punch supplies are already on hand.   Cookies will be purchased from Hometown and K & H.   Anne will contact Cornerstone on what they can do for the banquet.   Anne will order cookies and Kim will pick them up.   (Anne will contact Kim once everything is ordered.)  Melody and Matt Clark, Mike and Anne Carney and Karla Jean will all set up and serve.

BASEBALL CONCESSIONS:   Matt and Mike will be co-chairs for baseball concessions.

APPAREL COMMITTEE:   Matt and Melody will co-chair apparel again.   Apparel selection committee will be Matt, Melody, Anne, Jen, Karla Jean, and Stacy and Jason Connor.

SENIOR GIFTS:  Ideas were offered for next year’s senior nights.   Traditionally, boosters have given a flower and balloon.  A possible new idea was to give a picture and then present it at senior night.  Estimated cost is $15.   Another idea was to give life size posters of the seniors at a cost of $25/each.   Suggestion was given to have the parents take photos throughout the year, then give a collage of action shots, senior with parent picture and senior group picture

T-SHIRTS:  The topic of purchasing bulk t-shirts to have on hand for “give-aways” was tabled from a previous meeting.   Members discussed whether or not to have ads on the backs of the t-shirts.    Members discussed if the t-shirt ads should be included in ad costs.   Discussion among members agreed it would be best to have a committee work on the cost of different levels of advertising packages and the benefits included at each level.  Matt and Mike volunteered to chair the committee.   Melody will contact Massey Graffix about the pricing of such t-shirts.

Matt moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   March 13, 2013 7:00pm at Pizza Palace