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Minutes, March 2013


Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Melody Clark,  Matt Clark, Jen Harris,  Lisa Miller, Hanns Meyer, Kim Lund, Mike Carney.

MINUTES:  Reviewed from February meeting.  Matt Clark moved to accept, Mike Carney seconded, all in favor—motion carried.

TREASURERS REPORT:  Lisa presented the treasurer’s report.  Middle school mats have been paid for.  Fan bus has also been paid for.  There was a deposit from the Onarga Academy for apparel sales.  There was discussion about water cost.  Mike Carney made a motion to approve, Matt Clark seconded.  All approved.


Fan Bus—Our cost will be the driver’s wages only.  Incobrasa has donated 150 gallons of fuel for February and 150 gallons of fuel for March.  Unused gallons will carry forward.  It is to be used by the Booster Club for athletic events.  Discussion followed regarding fuel donations.  It was decided to reserve 50 gallons for playoffs, the remainder to be used for the sports programs.  A motion was made by Matt Clark, seconded by Mike Carney.  All approved.  Anne to email Scott Bloomquist, Dr Dvorak and Jim Harkins about this.

A third bus was taken to the supersectional game in Bloomington, IL.  The Booster Club has been asked to pay the wages for that trip.  Matt Clark made a motion, Melody Clark seconded to have Anne ask the Spirit club to pay wages for the third bus.  If they will not, the Booster Club will pay the cost.  All approved.

Coaches Appreciation Dinner—6:00pm cocktails, 7:00pm dinner on 4/20/13 at Shagbark.  Motion was made by Jen Harris, seconded by Kim Lund to keep the menu the same.  All approved.  Discussion on the number of drink tickets.  Motion made by Matt Clark, seconded by Mike Carney to give 2 drink tickets per person.  All approved.

Cindy will prepare the invitations.

Mike Carney was unable to get in touch with Jason Conner regarding Milt Papus, former pitcher for the Cubs, to attend the Booster Club dinner to speak.  Later in the meeting Mike did hear from Jason who had not heard from Milt Papus.

Senior Gifts—Nothing new.


Apparel—Matt to email the committee members with a meeting date.  Last year’s budget was $3000.

Ad Committee—Mike reviewed ad levels.  Matt reviewed the programs types.  The school can print and design 8×10 folded.  The school cannot do color ads.  Also cannot do the slick cover.  11×17 can be done if we supply the paper.  The school is now doing it for free.  Provide color ad for the 2 highest ad levels.  The Touchdown club, 3 point club, other possible levels.  To fine tune and present at the next meeting.

Concession Pricing—Lisa to get prices (cost and sales price) and send out a summary.

Softball Concessions—Village of Onarga to provide concessions, the high school girls basketball team to staff it.


Rotation for sports ads—discussed rotation of sports teams who sell ads.

The Booster Club may need to look for another way to get the oil from Bunge as Bill Clark notified Mike Carney that he will no longer be able to do this.

Hanns presented a quote from high school track from Gill Runway Surface of $675.  This replaces sealing the runway which is much more expensive.  Motion made by Mike Carney, seconded by Matt Clark to purchase the mat for up the $675.  Check into a way to reduce the shipping.  Bruce will check on reducing the shipping cost.

Jr Class Concessions—Motion made by Kim Lund, seconded by Mike Carney to pay $1513.18 for the junior class working the concession stand at boys basketball games.  All approved.

Motion to adjourn made by Matt Clark, seconded by Mike Carney to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm.