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Minutes, April 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – April 10, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Lisa Miller, Stacy Connor, Cindy Guttendorf, Sam Rhodes, DJ Harris, Karla Jean, Melody Clark, Matt Clark, Hanns Meyer.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the March 2013 meeting.   Matt moved to approve the minutes, Stacy seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was reviewed.  Melody moved to approve the treasurer’s report; Stacy seconded the motion.   Motion carried.


COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:  Cindy said there were 29 responses so far and gave an update on who she had heard from.   Stacy will do quotes for tables again this year.   Anne will contact Shagbark about doing dessert.

SENIOR GIFTS:  Ideas for senior gifts were discussed at length.   An 8 x 10 picture collage is priced at $15.  This is an option instead of the flower and balloons.   Discussion took place about how to split the price between booster club and the school.   The school no longer allows underclassmen to contribute to senior gifts.  It was too great of an expense on the other players.   Suggestion to take pictures at senior night and then present the picture at the banquet.    Question was asked if we need to coordinate this with music boosters.   Mr. Meyer will find out the cost of the balloon and flower so that we can continue that and then he will talk about the school splitting the cost of the picture.   Mr. Meyer will also find out how many seniors there were this year and will also look at how many seniors will be in each sport for 2013-2014.

NOTES:   Popcorn oil – Bunge can no longer donate the oil and Kim Lund’s husband cannot either.   Matt Clark will try to speak with Bill Clark, our contact at Bunge.   Uniforms – booster club donates $4,000 per year toward uniforms.   Team posters – The team pic that the boosters gave to Incobrasa last year was $50, now it will be $125 unframed.   Apparel budget – last year’s budget for apparel was $3,000.  Matt Clark moved to approve $3,000 for the apparel budget for this year.  Lisa seconded; all in favor. Motion carried.

AD SALES:   The draft of the ad sales proposal was reviewed.   Members talked about different ad levels and the program itself.   Last year there were 2500 programs printed.   The school will only print black and white pages.   Matt said that Federated Bank will print the color this year as a test year.    Boosters will distribute the Touchdown & 3 point club to everyone through the website, through the newspapers, anywhere and everywhere.   The concept will be introduced at registration.   Mike Carney and Matt Clark will be the liaisons for ad sales this year working with the football team.   Melody moved to accept ad levels as presented; DJ seconded.   All in favor.   An article will be done for the touchdown club.   Stacy moved to add the touchdown club and 3 point club; Lisa seconded.   All in favor.


BATTING CAGES:  Coach Sam Rhodes presented information about the batting cages.   The Gilman Park District has approved a portion of the money needed and the IW Youth League will donate up to $1250 for Mann Park, Gilman and Durham Park, Onarga.   The total cost estimate is $6000 per park.   Coach Rhodes did not have the amount from both parks and what they would each donate.   This item was previously submitted on a coach’s wish list.   Boosters discussed the time frame.  The park districts won’t make a decision for 30-60 days.  Consensus was to wait and take no action until we see how much the park districts are going to give.

BASEBALL CONCESSIONS:   Matt Clark, co-chair for baseball concessions, had to purchase a new cord for the baseball concession stand.  The power cord on the popcorn popper was no longer working.   Stacy moved to reimburse Matt for the cost of the cord, $46.73.   Melody seconded; all in favor.

COACH ARIE’S AWARD:   A full-page ad was purchased for the state tournament program to honor Coach Arie as coach of the year.   The booster club split the cost of the ad.   Consensus was also to make an announcement at the coaches appreciation dinner as that is consistent with how it has been done in the past.

SPRING SPORTS BANQUET:  The spring sports banquet will be Thursday, May 23.  Tasks will be assigned at the May meeting.

At this point in the meeting, Coach Rhodes said he had received additional information that the park district will pay for the remainder after the booster club donation.   Questions and concerns were raised since this is not a school facility.   Booster members agreed to table it until next month.

BUDGET and COACHES WISH LIST:  Question asked if parameters need to be set for coaches and teams or if a point system needs to be implemented.   Mr. Meyer stated that he feels each coach should come and present their own wish list item to the booster club.   Mr. Meyer does not want to be the “middle man.”   Booster club agreed coaches should present their own requests and coaches should explain to their players what the booster club is doing for them.   Mr. Meyer will tell coaches they are welcome to attend meetings and should make an effort to attend meetings.

TROPHY CASE UPDATE:  Mr. Meyer gave a trophy case update.   Mr. Dukes, Dr. Dvorak, Linda Miller and Mr. Meyer need to all make a unified decision about moving the scholarships.   In process.

CONCESSION STAND PRICE STUDY:  Anne gave a summary of current prices and profits.

ROUND TABLE:   Elementary school carnival gave thanks for the popcorn oil.  Raider Run info was presented.   A reminder was given that June is election month for booster club officers.   Lisa announced that she will not run for treasurer again.

Melody moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   May 8, 2013 7:00pm at Pizza Palace