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Minutes, June 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – June 12, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Marisa Perzee, Jennifer Harris, Matt Clark, Stacy Connor,  aHh JimJi JjjjjjjjjjjJ Jim Miller, Kathryn Northcott, Brian Dukes.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the May 2013 meeting.   Jennifer moved to approve the minutes, Marisa seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  No Treasurer’s report submitted.

To accommodate guests, the meeting was directed to NEW BUSINESS first.

RIFLE CLUB DONATION:  Jim Miller, Rifle Club Coach, requested a donation to help with expenses for those selected to compete at the national competition.   Last year the booster club gave $350.   This year five students will be competing and an additional student will attend to assist with equipment, etc.   Matt moved to donate $350 to rifle club to use toward their trip to nationals; Stacy seconded the motion.  All in favor.

TEAM POSTERS:   Kathryn Northcott presented examples of team posters which included the team’s schedule.  She explained that IW students have asked her about the posters as they have seen the posters that she has done for Watseka.   She offered that the posters could be done as a fundraiser through the booster club.   Watseka requires a $75 sponsorship and that covers the sports within that season.   Most of the examples had 5-7 sponsors on each poster.   A football poster would need to be done by early August.   Boosters also asked about senior gift pictures and 3’ x 4’ banners of senior athletes.   Boosters discussed individual families funding some of the items vs. booster club funding.   Boosters will consider these ideas and have further discussions.


SENIOR GIFTS:  Boosters will consider information provided by Kathryn Northcott.    No update from Hanns.

APPAREL:   Update given on apparel, included the following:   polos will be red with white sides and feather logo; gray t-shirt will be ordered; tie-dye shirts will be ordered; sweatpants selected; V-neck pull-over will be red and blue with words and feather logo; ladies’ bling shirt will be white; Mohawk hats have been selected.

3 PT CLUB FLYERS/SPORTS PROGRAM ADS:   Baseball and softball will do the sales since football cannot.

BATTING CAGES:   Consideration was given for batting cages to be donated one to the high school and one to the middle school.  Suggestion had been discussed with Mr. Meyer and he responded favorably about that suggestion.   Suggestion was given to completely fund it so that it can be kept at the school vs. the parks.  Boosters may consider asking Incobrasa or Gibson Hospital to fund part of it.   Consensus agreed to fund it so that it can be kept at the school.

FOOTBALL SPRINKLER SYSTEM:   No information was submitted from the school regarding the sprinkler system.


ELECTIONS:   The following officers were elected:

Crescent City VP:  Stacy nominated Kim Lund; Marisa 2nd.  All in favor.

Danforth VP:  No nomination.  Recognized that Danforth does have representation as there are officers who live in Danforth.

Gilman VP:  Matt nominated Marisa Perzee; Stacy 2nd.  All in favor.

Onarga VP:  Stacy nominated Melody Clark; Marisa 2nd.  All in favor.

Thawville VP:  No nomination.  VP will remain open at this time.

Treasurer:  Stacy nominated Matt Clark; Marisa 2nd.  All in favor.

Secretary:  Matt nominated Stacy Connor; Marisa 2nd.   All in favor.

President:  Matt nominated Anne Carney; Marisa 2nd.  All in favor.

Apparel Committee:  Matt and Melody Clark, chairpersons

Baseball: Matt Clark

Football:  Anne Carney

Fire Depts:  Matt Clark

Pork Producers (Contact Lynn Brown):  Matt Clark

Soccer:  Anne will check with Cindy Guttendorf

Volleyball:  Anne will check with Kim Lund

Boys Basketball/Junior Class:   Junior class sponsor

Pocket Calendars (Prospect Bank):  Stacy will contact Brenda Wade; need schedules

Water:  Stacy will confirm price; will need water by August 1.

Popcorn donations (Iroquois Federal):  Matt Clark

Popcorn bags and napkins:  Danforth bank and Prospect napkins:  Stacy; State Farm:  Anne; Federated in Onarga and Iroquois Federal:  Matt.

Incoming Freshman Class Sponsor (Head):  Boosters usually help find the head for freshmen class

ROUND TABLE:   No items at this time.

Matt moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   July 10, 2013 7:00pm at Pizza Palace