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Minutes, July 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – July 10, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Duane Ehmen, Jim Harkins, DJ Harris, Stacy Connor, Marissa Perzee,  aHh JimJi JjjjjjjjjjjJBrian Dukes and Kim Lund.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the June 2013 meeting.   Mike moved to approve the minutes, Matt seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  June and July reports were presented.   Matt Clark, Treasurer, explained that he will create a budget for 2013-2014.   Melody moved to approve the reports as presented; Stacy seconded, all in favor.   Matt also mentioned he is going to change the terms on the CD to achieve a higher interest rate.  DJ moved to change the Registered Agent to Matt Clark as he is our new treasurer.   Marissa seconded; all in favor.   DJ moved to declare a resolution to declare Matt Clark and Anne Carney as authorized signatures on the Booster Club bank account.  Marissa seconded; all in favor.   Corresponding paperwork has already been signed.


SENIOR GIFTS:  Discussion about spending $15 per student.  Consensus remains that, before a decision will be made, Boosters want to know the total number of senior athletes.   No decision will be made until we can quantify total costs.

TEAM SCHEDULE POSTERS:   Discussion about whether or not Boosters will do the posters or the team should pursue the posters.   Consensus was that it will be left up to the teams; not something Boosters want to take on at this time.

SENIOR BANNERS:  The individual banners can be purchased when the team sports pictures are taken.   The cost is $35 per individual athlete.   Mr. Dukes offered to work with Boosters regarding those who are unable to pay for it.   Matt moved to pursue the project of senior night banners, and if there is an athlete that is unable to pay, officers are authorized to make the decision when the time comes.   Melody seconded.  All in favor.

SPORTS PROGRAM:   Close to $6,000 has been committed for sports program ads.  Majority of work fell on the liasons Mike Carney and Matt Clark.   Discussion about lack of athlete participation this year.  Final total will be presented at the next meeting.   The deadline is Friday, July 23.

BOTTLED WATER:   Frog Water will honor the same price.  Consensus to keep the same label.

ASSIGNMENT UPDATES:   Mike Mansfield will donate popcorn bags.   Prospect Bank will do the calendars.   (Anne will double check about spring sports schedules and update Stacy.)

                Co-chair for Volleyball – Kim Lund and Jill Cultra

                Co-chair for Girls Basketball – Heather Tammen and Jill Cultra

                Chair for Boys Basketball – Kim Lund

                Chair for Soccer – No one has stepped forward.   May have to let concessions go for soccer.

                Class Sponsor for Freshman Class – will find out after registration

ADDENDUM TO MINUTES:   After the July 10 meeting, Mike Carney was nominated to be the Vice President for Danforth.   Melody moved for Mike to be VP – Danforth; Stacy seconded; all in favor.   (Voting was done via email.)


CONCESSION PRICING:   The committee to review concession stand pricing met prior to the meeting and reviewed prices.   A new list will be presented when all prices have been finalized.

CONCESSION STAND/TROPHY CASE CLEAN UP:  The trophy cases and set-up for apparel will be done the night before registration on August 6 at 6:00 pm.   Cleaning the outside concession stand will be done Wednesday, July 31 at 6:00 p.m.

REGISTRATION:  District registration will be Wednesday, August 7.   Melody and Matt will work the 7-11 shift.  Stacy and Marissa will work 3-7.   Anne will give the info to the newspapers regarding ads for the sports passes.   Question asked about family passes, we do not offer them.  (The school has in the past offered a break on multiple students however)

 PORK CHOP AD SALES:  Anne and Matt will work together on an ad for the pork chop sales at home games.

ROUND TABLE:   Matt Wasilewski, the new high school head football coach, introduced himself.   Coach Wasilewski and DJ explained that we obtained two sprinklers from Clifton Central.   One is in good working order and the other needs repair.   Mike Carney moved to pay $150 as a donation to Central for allowing us to utilize the used sprinklers.   Matt seconded; all in favor.   DJ will find out who the check should be made out to and let Anne know.

Mr. Harkins, new IWES principal, and Mr. Ehmen, new IWMS principal, thanked the Booster club for all they do.   Mr. Ehmen said the new scorer table and scoreboard are awesome.   He asked that Boosters consider new conference banners as a future project.   The current ones are faded and look really bad.   Mr. Ehmen also said he would like for a new sound system at the middle school to be on the wish list.   Discussion was held about splitting the cost with the music boosters as all will benefit.   Boosters asked if Mr. Ehmen will talk with Ms. Johnson, band director, about it as she may have specific requirements about the type of system.   Mr. Ehmen will also get a quote for new banners.

Request during round table to use technology as much as we can.   Other schools use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.   Administrators and  coaches agree to better utilize technology when communicating with parents and students and the community.

Marisa asked that rain jackets for the cheerleaders be added to the wish list.   The jackets are $7.95 each for 13 cheerleaders.   (Free shipping.)  Matt moved to allow the cheerleaders to spend up to $125 for rain ponchos; DJ seconded.  All in favor.

Mike moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   August 14, 2013 7:00pm at Pizza Palace