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Minutes, August 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – August 14, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Duane Ehmen, Jim Harkins, Ms. Giles, Coach Wasilewski, Stacy Connor, Marissa Perzee, Hanns Meyer and Jim McCurry aHh JimJi JjjjjjjjjjjJHansHans.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the July 2013 regular meeting and minutes from the special meeting on July 31, 2013.   Mike moved to approve the minutes, Matt seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was presented.   Mike moved to approve the report as presented; Marissa seconded, all in favor.


SPORTS PROGRAM:   Update was given on the sports program.   Over $10,000 has been collected through the annual sports programs’ ads.   This is outstanding and well above what has been donated in the past.   Thanks were given to local businesses who continue to support the booster club.   Currently, one person has signed up for the Touchdown/3 Point Club.   Booster members agreed to do a better job of marketing it for next year.  With this being the first year for it, we will consider this an introduction for the program and market it better next year.   The next step is distributing the decals to the sponsors.


                Chair for Soccer – No one has stepped forward.   May have to let concessions go for soccer.

                Class Sponsor for Freshman Class – Abby Reed

                Water – Delivery of two pallets will be that week

                Popcorn bags – Still in need of bags

 SPORTS BANNERS:   There will be a meeting on August 19 at the middle school to discuss updating the banners.   Currently, the pricing is $64.50 to update the names and $10.50 for each additional line on the banner.   It is $84.50 for the heading and adding info to new banners for each sport at the middle school.   Total cost for 11 banners is approximately $1,000.   Hanns will bring us information after the coaches’ meeting.  Hanns will also bring back information about the high school banners.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SOUND SYSTEM:  The system will be retested the first week of school using new lithium batteries.   Testing may also be done with wired microphones from the high school.   No action needed at this time.


REPRESENTATIVES FOR PARENT MEETINGS:  “Meet the Raider” night will be August 23.   Most importantly, reps will talk about the booster club and encourage parents to sign up for concessions.   Question was asked if we could do a “One Call Now” regarding the senior banners.   Anne will talk to Linda at the high school.   Reps for parent meetings are as follows:

Volleyball:   Kim Lund and Jill Cultra

Golf:  Matt Clark

Football:  Jim McCurry and Anne Carney

Cheerleaders:   Marissa Perzee

Soccer:  Kim Lund and Jill Cultra

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHEERLEADING:   Ms. Giles gave an update on the middle school cheerleading uniforms.   She stated they can make do with what is on hand, but would like to have new lettering put on at $10/uniform.   Total cost is about $150.   Matt moved to authorize up to $150 for the new lettering; Mike seconded.   All in favor.   Ms. Giles also asked about having a table at football games to do a fundraiser.   Booster club said Mr. Dukes would have to authorize that.

WEIGHT ROOM:   Coach Waz had gathered information about the cost of new weights for the high school.   A new weight room would provide benefit to all sports teams as well as all IWHS students.   Question was asked to Hanns about a community weight room, like Watseka, Central and others have established.   Hanns said with the way our high school is laid out and with architectural requirements, this is not feasible.   This prompted additional discussion about adding a room to the outdoor concession stand.   Anne will pursue getting a quote on the addition.

HONORING BOB EIMEN:   Mr. Meyer asked if we could do something to honor Bob Eimen for his 50 years of helping with the football program.    Suggestion was made to do something at homecoming.   Mr. Meyer asked for ideas.   Possible gifts suggested were bleachers seats or embroidered IW coats.    Suggestions should be given to Anne or Mr. Meyer at the scrimmage.

STATE FARM 2-n-2 Program:  Mike Mansfield notified the booster club that he will no longer be able to provide popcorn bags.   He will provide a 2-n-2 safety driving presentation at the homecoming game.   He would like to pass out coupons for free popcorn at homecoming and he will also give a $75 donation to apparel.    Stacy will create the coupons.


POWDER PUFF CONCESSIONS:  Melody and Jill will work.   Powder Puff game is Monday, Sept 9.

PARADE:  Boosters will not have a float entry this year as everyone has committed to other floats.

GIVE-AWAY SHIRTS:   Went over the giveaway shirts for each game.   Since boosters want the entire order of 150 shirts to distribute at games, we will order 11 additional shirts for the new teacher baskets.   Distribution will be as follows:

·         Home football games:  4 home games @ 10 per game =                   40 shirts

·         Senior night at HS VB:                                                                                      5 shirts

·         Senior night at HS Soccer:                                                                               5 shirts

·         Home boys basketball games:  8 home games @ 5 per game =   40 shirts

·         Home girls basketball games: 9 home games @ 5 per game =      45 shirts

·         Pack the Place at the Middle school:  3 sports @ 5 per game =     15 shirts

150 shirts TOTAL

MS UNIFORM DONATION:   Mr. Meyer and Mr. Ehmen will meet and discuss.

MS CONCESSION:   Chairperson is needed for middle school concessions.   Discussion on how to set this up and how to split profits.   Booster members feel booster club should receive profits if they take over the responsibility.  There are three sports at the middle school.   The Washington DC group will get one sport.   Girls’ basketball is the first sport and DC group is already organized, so they will take this sport.   It will be clear that this is a one-time trial basis and is not a guarantee for next year.   Matt moved and Marissa seconded the motion to allow DC group to get MS girls basketball concessions and receive 40% for this first trial year.  All in favor.   (The 40% is the same percentage of profits that the junior class receives when working boys’ basketball concessions at the high school.)  For boys’ basketball and volleyball, they will talk about it at the coaches’ meeting on August 19th.  The middle school open house is September 19.  Suggestion made that the booster club could have a table with information, apparel and sign-up sheets for concessions.   Melody and Marissa will work the middle school open house.

WISH LISTS:  Reviewed wish lists for all sports and talked about long range wish lists as well as short term needs.    The sprinklers for the football field will be on next year’s list.   There was discussion about approaching Incobrasa and Gibson Hospital regarding big projects.    Regarding immediate needs, Mike moved to authorize up to $2,000 to purchase two video recorders with tripods for the boys and girls teams and an iPad for the girls basketball team to use their stat program.  Stacy seconded; all in favor.   Matt Clark will research and purchase the products.

ROUND TABLE:   Stacy presented price information regarding another company who does private label for bottled water.  Price was slightly less than current company, but delivery presented additional challenges regarding storage.

Matt moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   September 4, 2013 7:00pm at Pizza Palace