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Minutes, September 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – September 4, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Jill Cultra, Mike Mansfield, DJ Harris, Stacy Connor, Kim Lund and Mr. Dukes aHh JimJi JjjjjjjjjjjJHansHans.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the August 2013 meeting.   Matt moved to approve the minutes. Jill seconded; all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Due to the meeting being a week earlier, the bank statement had not yet been received.


TOUCHDOWN/3 PT CLUB:   Announcements were made during home games that Gibson Area Community Hospital is a touchdown sponsor.   Also, at halftime, there is an announcement of the other three members of the touchdown club.

STATE FARM 2 N 2 PROMOTION:  Mike Mansfield will have a display at the homecoming game and will give up to $100 in popcorn coupons and will have a drawing for IW Raider apparel.   He will pay the booster club for these giveaways.   Stacy will print the coupons and Matt will do the gift certificate.

PROJECT LIST:  Boosters discussed updated costs of middle school banners.   Also discussed was the sprinkler system for the high school, regarding an above ground vs. in-ground system.   Anne and Jason Connor will meet with Incobrasa the day after this meeting.   Mr. Dukes stated there is now an immediate need for the sprinkler system.  Mike Carney moved to spend up to $1,000 for an immediate temporary fix and we will not do the $10,000 for an above ground system, but will do the in-ground system (authorizing up to $18,500) as soon as possible.   Matt seconded.   All in favor.   Discussion turned to recalling that a group of parents had previously offered to smooth out sunken gardens and bring in dirt.  Mike Carney will find out if this group is still willing to do so.   Mr. Dukes also said that they need a new field liner (paint striper).  He suggested the cost of the striper be shared with the youth football league.   The striper is an immediate necessity.   Matt moved to pay up to $1,000 toward a new striper.   Melody seconded.   All in favor.

                AMENDMENT TO MOTION – Submitted 9/9/13

On September 6, Anne Carney was notified from the school that they were reviewing the sprinkler options and were choosing not to do the in-ground sprinkler at this time.   The school will include the Booster club in the planning phase so we can work together for large projects.    As a result of this information, Mike Carney revised his motion to rescind his original motion of purchasing the in-ground sprinkler system at $18,500 and now moves to purchase the above ground sprinkler system for $10,200 with the notation that we may not be in a position to fund the $18,500 for an in-ground system if asked at a late date.   Melody seconded.   Boosters:   Matt, Stacy, Marisa and Kim were all in favor.  Also, Incobrasa took the field liner to try and repair.  They were unable but did purchase / donate a new one. 

Regarding the weight room, the high school received three squat racks from ONU.   This was exceptional equipment and we are fortunate to have received that.   However, additional equipment is still needed and the request for $7,500 is still accurate.   The current area can accommodate the new weights.

BOB EIMEN:  Bob Eimen will be honored at the homecoming game.   Suggestion given to give Bob and his wife life-long passes to attend IW sporting events.   If the school would like to do something else, they will let Anne know.   Matt moved to approve the lifetime passes for Bob and Joanne Eimen for his 50 years of service on the chain gang and authorize Anne to do something in addition if asked by the school as she sees fit.  (up to $?)  DJ seconded.  All in favor.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CONCESSIONS:  Chairpersons for MS boys’ basketball and MS volleyball are still open.   MS girls’ basketball chairperson for concessions is the DC group.

VIDEO EQUIPT/iPAD – Matt delivered the video equipment and iPad.   Coaches were very thankful.


LOCK:  A new deadbolt lock was installed at the outdoor concession stand.

YEARBOOK:     It was brought to the Booster club’s attention that for the last two years, the Booster club has not made the $500 donation to the yearbook club.   (School years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013)  Discussion took place on how to proceed.   For this school year, for the color programs, there will be a cost.   Melody moved to pay $1,000 to catch up our commitment to the yearbook club.   Boosters agreed that we need to have discussions to make sure all parties involved are on the same page regarding expectations.   Matt seconded.    All in favor.   Boosters also agreed that before this year’s donation is presented, a meeting will be held with Boosters and the yearbook sponsor.

SENIOR BANNERS:   For senior night for soccer, golf, football and cheerleading we would like to hang the banners outside.  Mike Carney will check with Cliff Miller on how to hang the banners outdoors for each of those nights.

SPIRIT CLUB:   The Spirit Club has disbanded.  Suggestion made to ask Student Council and Patty Tammen, sponsor, to paint the road signs that show the directions to the high school.   Suggestion made to create a template.  A volunteer is needed to paint the small footballs.

CASH DRAWERS:  We currently have one cash drawer.   We need an extra for outside and one for inside.   Anne said the cost is $20.79 for each drawer.    We also need a small hot dog cooker, which would cook eight hot dogs.   The cost is $69.95.    Mike Carney moved to spend $133.69 for these purchases.   Matt seconded; all in favor.



Boosters discussed new pricing and commended Matt Clark, treasurer, for having extra quarters available with the new pricing.

Boosters need to distribute the decals to ad sponsors.

Question was asked about a student running the IW flag in front of the crowd at games.   Jill Cultra will look into this.

It was mentioned that there are some area booster clubs that require membership fees.   This is something for the booster club to consider.

Mike moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   October 9, 2013 7:00pm at Pizza Palace