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Minutes, October 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – October 9, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Jill Cultra, Doug Miller, Stacy Connor, Marissa Perzee and Mr. Dukes aHh JimJi JjjjjjjjjjjJHansHans.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the September 2013 meeting.   Matt moved to approve the minutes. Mike seconded; all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Matt Clark presented two months:  August and September were presented, because the bank statement had not been received at the previous month’s meeting due to moving the meeting a week earlier.   Melody moved to approve both months’ reports.   Jill seconded; all in favor. Motion carried.


YEARBOOK CLUB DONATION:   This item was tabled to next month as Boosters are waiting on additional information.

PROJECT/WISH LIST:  Boosters discussed completed projects and talked about long-term projects.   Boosters discussed the weight room.   The in-ground sprinkler system may or may not stay on the list.


GLORIA REITZ:  Gloria Reitz informed Mike Carney that she would like to give a donation to the Booster Club.   She would like to have the donation connected to the football program as their family participated in football.   She is considering donating around $2,000.   Melody and Stacy will talk to Gloria about ideas.

NHS RAIDER SUNGLASSES:     The NHS has left over sunglasses from a fundraiser.   Boosters decided to pass on purchasing these.   Melody moved to pass on the opportunity and Mike seconded.   All in favor.

PORK CHOP SANDWICHES:   At the Homecoming game, the 2003 team members were given a ticket for a free sandwich.   Boosters were not informed about this until after the fact.   Boosters discussed that they do not want this to happen every year at homecoming and be expected to pay for it and not asked beforehand.  Matt moved to comp the sandwiches for this year; Jill seconded.   All in favor.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CONCESSION STAND:   For boys basketball, Ms. Giles has agreed to take boys basketball and split the games between student council and cheerleading.   Boosters will pay her 40% and she will be responsible for splitting that between the organizations.   Volleyball is still open.   Mr. Ehmen may have someone to take it.    Also, Ms. Giles asked if they could have concessions open at the middle school dance.   Her group will receive 40%.   Melody moved to allow them the use of the concession stand during the dance; Marissa seconded.    A booster club member requested that the minutes reflect Boosters are still looking for MS Chairpersons for concessions.

FALL BANQUET:  Drinks:  Matt will take care of the punch.  Cookies:   Matt will order the cookies from both Hometown and K&H.   Stacy will pick up the Hometown cookies and Matt will pick up from K&H.   Matt, Melody, Jill, Anne, Mike and Stacy will set up and serve.

SOFTBALL TEAM:  The softball team participated in helping with the sports program ads this year.   However, they were not assigned the responsibility for selling this year and Boosters did a lot of the actual selling.   Mike moved to donate $250 to the softball team; Matt seconded.   All in favor.

NOTE:  For the sports program ads, the rotation will go back to the football team in the spring of 2014 and the rotation will be “as is” going forward.   (The football team was not assigned the task in 2013, because at the time of the selling and contacting businesses, there was no head coach.)

APPAREL ORDER:  The Family Ready Night at the elementary school is November 21.   The apparel inventory is very low in youth sizes and that is typically a very busy night for apparel.   Melody requested an additional $1,000 to replenish youth sizes in apparel.   Mike moved to authorize up to $1,000 for additional apparel purchases; Marissa seconded.   All in favor.

SUNKEN GARDENS:  Boosters reviewed a quote to disc, level, fertilize and seed grass for the sunken gardens.   The quote from Lavicka’s is $6,750.   The sunken gardens’ area is extremely uneven and student athletes are at risk when practicing on this uneven ground.   Boosters agreed to get another quote.  This project needs IW School Board approval.   The next meeting is October 21.   Mike will also follow-up with Lavicka to see if we can get any reduction off of the original quote.  Mr. Dukes will speak to the Board at the October meeting.

ADVERTISING GUIDELINES:  Tabled to next month.


There have been many compliments on the senior banners.    The student athletes love them and people from the community have given compliments. People are noticing pride in the school.   The senior banners for fall athletes will be given out at the fall banquet.

Doug Miller intends to re-engage the rifle club to get them more involved with the booster club again.   Last year two athletes got college scholarships for rifle club.    Doug also mentioned that he may be able to get another quote on the sunken gardens.

Jill mentioned that senior night for volleyball was the following evening.  It will be announced that the booster club donated the senior banners.

Mike moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   November 13, 2013 7:00pm at Slices in Onarga