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Minutes, November 2013

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – November 13, 2013 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Duane Ehmen, Doug Miller, Jim Miller, Brian Dukes, Jill Cultra, Stacy Connor, Marisa Perzee

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the October 2013 regular meeting.   Melody moved to approve the minutes, Matt seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer report was presented.   Stacy moved to approve the report as presented; Melody seconded, all in favor.


Coach Jim Miller explained that the Rifle Club needs to replace an air rifle because last year’s senior took the one he owned, leaving the club short one air rifle.   The cost of a new rifle is $1,540.  Coach Miller would like to have a total of eight and they currently only have six.   Coach Miller is trying to get a grant of $1,100 to get equipment to comply with current rules.   Matt moved to approve the purchase of the LG300 authorizing up to $1,600.   Melody seconded the motion.   All in favor.


DONATION FROM REITZ FAMILY:   Melody and Stacy spoke with Gloria Reitz about a donation from her family.   She would like to donate around $2,500 and wants the donation connected to the football program.   She mentioned a concrete picnic table or inflatable tunnel.   She will fill a “want” vs. a “need” for the football program.   She indicated she would be flexible, she just wants it connected to football, because that is the family connection to athletics.   She is open to new ideas.   Suggestion was given, regarding the sunken gardens and possibly naming it “Reitz Practice Field.”  If the Booster club wants to do something and name it something specific, it will require approval from the school board.

SUNKEN GARDENS:   The school board has given approval to improve the practice field (sunken garden).  Lavicka will review the estimate submitted to see if any deduction could be taken off to reduce the estimate.  Matt spoke with Bouk and he will submit an estimate from Midwest Landscapes out of the Kankakee area.  (It was discussed at the previous meeting that as part of due diligence, Boosters should review more than one estimate.)

YEARBOOK CLUB DONATION:  Tabled to the March meeting as it is usually paid in the spring.

APPAREL:   Youth sizes were replenished in time for Family Reading Night.   Melody will sell at the event.



DONATION TO PORK PRODUCERS:  Last year Boosters paid a $150 donation to the Pork Producers.   Discussion held about whether or not that is a fair amount.   Suggestion to do more research to make sure we are compensating them fairly.   There have been no complaints from the Pork Producers group that the amount is unfair.   Matt moved to approve $150 to Pork Producers; Jill seconded the motion.   All in favor.

SPORTS PROGRAMS:    No one had any changes for the winter programs.   Portrait Place submitted an invoice; Matt will pay it.

T-SHIRTS AT BASKETBALL GAMES:   Cheerleaders will throw out shirts at boys basketball games and we will find volunteers for girls basketball games.

ADVERTISING COMPENSATION GUIDELINES:   Matt and Mike will bring a proposal to the Booster Club to review.

ROUND TABLE:   Discussed the website “Volunteer Spot” and how we need to encourage people to use it.   Boosters talked about using social medial to promote it.   There was continued discussion on how to recruit more volunteers.

A Middle School Chairperson is still needed.   The MS is having success in their sales at games.

Anne had been asked if the Boosters could help with football helmets.    Mr. Dukes explained that the school is responsible for the football helmets.

Matt moved to adjourn.


January 8, 2014 7:00pm at Pizza Palace