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Minutes, April 2014

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – April 9, 2014 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Kim Lund, Jill Cultra, Stacy Connor, Marissa Perzee and Coach Arie.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the March 2014 regular meeting.   Mike moved to approve the minutes, Melody seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was presented.   Jill moved to approve the report as presented; Melody seconded, all in favor.


PICNIC TABLES:   Mr. Dukes and Mr. Meyer reviewed and determined the location at the south end of the field.   Gloria Reitz was pleased with the tables being done.  Gloria’s total will be about $3,200 for two tables, including concrete.   Anne will check with Mr. Dukes about talking to the senior class sponsors about donating a table; if not Matt Clark will talk to them.  Stacy will check with her brother to see if IWYFL has made a decision of whether they would like to donate a table as well.


POST PROM:   Popcorn and oil will be donated.   Matt will contact Iroquois Federal about additional popcorn bags.  Kim Lund asked if post prom items could be stored in the concession stand.


FITNESS ROOM:   Coach Arie began by thanking the IW Booster Club for all they do.   She said coaches truly appreciate all that the booster club does for the athletics program.    She presented information stating that Mr. Thomas’s room may be converted to a multi-purpose room/fitness room.   The PE budget will contribute $1,200 to this project and a $600 grant from the army will also be applied to the cost of fitness equipment.   PE classes and athletes will benefit from the equipment.   Injured athletes will be able to use it for rehab.    This will benefit all sports programs and all student-athletes.    Currently, an additional $1,800 is needed for equipment.   Matt moved for the Booster Club to pay the difference from the total cost of $3,627 less the PE contribution of $1,200 less the $600 grant money.   Discussion continued.   Mike seconded the motion.   Further discussion transpired.   Matt then amended his motion to approve up to $2,500 for equipment.   Mike seconded.   Amendment to motion approved.   Motion approved; all in favor.

MS TRACK PAINT:   No update.   Mr. Ehmen had asked if Booster Club would pay $150 toward spray paint cans to spray the track.   He had not provided any additional info at the time of the meeting.   Melody moved to ok reimbursement; Marissa seconded.   Motion carried.

FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD:   Anne presented information from Daktronics’ estimates.    Basic scoreboard, which includes play clocks is $26,000.   Digital screen in the scoreboard is $73,000.   Elite with several extras is $160,000.   Currently this is a project the school is working on and has not been given to the Booster Club.   Boosters present thought the basic would meet our current needs.

CONCESSION STANDS UPDATE:   Several items need to be considered relating to the Booster Club’s budget.   Mr. Ehmen approved tearing out the cabinets and allowing shelves to be installed.   Shelving is also needed in the high school storage room.  A new counter top is needed at the high school.   If anyone knows of other needs in any concession stand, please bring that budget request to the next meeting.    Booster Club agreed that the shelving needed at the MS concession stand is a priority.


If anyone is interested in the 5k Raider Run/Walk for West, please contact Anne.

Matt has been talking to Kevin White about a golf outing.   Matt asked if there was interest in the Booster Club hosting a golf outing.

Boosters discussed the IW flag.   Last year it was approved that someone could run with it.    Jill will follow-up.

Strategies for new members, concession volunteers, and MS chairpersons were discussed.   Recruiting is extremely important.   The letter went out in registration packets to everyone in grades 6th – senior year.   Boosters will try to attend sixth grade orientation and all parent events.  There was a suggestion to form a committee for recruiting.   There was also a suggestion to involve alumni.

Question was posed if boosters should do more at the sports banquets?   Ideas exchanged about getting more involved with the banquet and maybe making a bigger announcement of the coaches, etc.

Matt moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   May 14, 2014 at IWHS at 7:00 pm   (Due to schedule conflicts, the meeting will be 5/12/14 at the IWHS cafeteria at 5:30 pm.)

Important date:   Spring sports banquet 5/28/2014 at 7:30 pm.