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Minutes, July 2014

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – July 9, 2014 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Stacy Connor, Marissa Perzee, Cathy Crego, Kathryn Northcott, Kim Lund, Coach Arie and Mr. Dukes.

MINUTES:   Members present reviewed the minutes from the June 2014 regular meeting.   Melody moved to approve the minutes, Cathy seconded, all in favor.   Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Matt presented the Treasurer’s report.   Mike moved to approve the report as presented; Melody seconded, all in favor.



PICNIC TABLES:   The picnic tables arrived.  They will be put in after the fair.   The trailer must be moved before the tables can be installed.

APPAREL UPDATE:  Melody gave apparel update.   Items are in process and should be ready for registration.

AD SALES:  Matt and Mike have been working with Coach Waz.    As in years past, the yearbook class will create the program.   Kathryn Northcott will print the programs as she did last year.  Massey Graffix will print the t-shirts with the vendors listed on the back.   Popcorn and popcorn bags have been donated.   Matt will work on the ads for the newspapers.

GOLF OUTING FUNDRAISER:   Marissa is in charge of hole sponsors.   The letters have been sent out.   On the day of the outing, duties are assigned as follows:

Registration table – Kim and Cathy – Report at 11am; should be done by 1:30.

Beverage cart – Kristy and Jill – Report by 12:30; stay through the day.

50/50 – Jason and Stacy – Report by 11:45; stay through the day.

Hole in One – Anne – at the #13 hole – Report by 12:45

Emcee & Prizes – Matt & Melody

Anyone working may stay for dinner.   Dinner will be served when golf is done, approximately 6pm.    The giveaway will be golf balls and tees.   Committee is working on door prizes.

ASSIGNMENT UPDATES:   Prospect Bank will do the pocket calendars again.  Anne will get the rest of the sports calendars from Mr. Meyer.   Matt is contacting the fire departments and pork producers.

CHAIRPERSON ASSIGNMENTS:   The Varsity Football chair will be Marissa Perzee and the junior varsity football chair will be Jenny Schunke.



Kathryn Northcott asked if the senior banners would be done again this year.   Compliments were given on the banners and boosters determined this will be continued for the 2014-2015 school year.



NEWSPAPER ADS:   Matt will work with the newspapers to place the ads regarding registration.   The ads will state that activity passes and apparel will be available for purchase.   (Student passes are $40 and adult passes are $45.)

REGISTRATION:   Anne and Cathy will work the morning shift 7am-11am.   Stacy and Marissa will work the afternoon shift 3pm-7pm.  Melody will help set-up and take down.   Schedules for concessions will also be available.

WEIGHTLIFTING PICNIC:   Coach Waz will be holding a picnic for those students who came to weight lifting regularly through the summer.    He stated that 87 students have come to lifting.   The picnic will be August 16 or August 23.   He hopes to provide hot dogs, brats, buns and chips.   He has the drinks covered.  Matt moved to approve up to $150 for dogs/chips/buns for the picnic.   Kim seconded; all in favor.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAIRPERSON:   Anne will meet with Mr. Ehmen and explain that the Booster Club would like for the middle school concessions to run like the high school model.  Ginger Meyer has stated that she will work with Boosters this year regardless of the payment.     Extensive discussion followed about payment.   Boosters are very grateful Mrs. Meyer will work in this role and help Boosters at the middle school level.    Melody moved to make a $500 donation for Mrs. Meyer committing to this role.   It was noted that the amount should be reviewed next year.   Cathy seconded.   Motion carried with one dissenting vote.



“Meet the Raiders Night” will be discussed at the August meeting.

Cleaning concessions will be August 5 at 6 pm.

Melody moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   August 13, 2014 at IWHS at 7:00 pm