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Minutes, August 2014

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES –August 13, 2014 Meeting

Members present at this meeting included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Stacy Connor, Coach Arie, Marissa Perzee and Ginger Meyer.  Coach Was joined the meeting in progress.

MINUTES: reviewed from the July 2014 meeting.  Matt moved to accept, Marissa seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Matt presented the treasurer’s report.   Mike moved to approve, Melody seconded, all in favor – motion carried.



GOLF OUTING RECAP:  Matt presented the golf outing recap, covering both income and expenses.   Boosters thanked Matt for organizing the event.   It was a team effort; all efforts were applauded.   A suggestion was made to spread out the time between asking businesses for golf outing donations and ad sales donations.  If anyone has suggestions regarding the golf outing, please email Matt.

AD SALES UPDATE:   Ad sales are going well.   The goal is to complete ad sales by the end of next week.

UPDATE ON JOBS:   Pork producers are all lined up for home games.   Fire departments are set for the first three games.   The remainder should be set soon.   Ads will be put in the paper with all dates running at once.

Sports schedules:   Discussion on spring sports schedules tabled until a later date.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAIRPERSON:   Ginger and Mr. Ehmen discussed expectations of the middle school chairperson.    Boosters confirmed a flat sum donation of $500 will be given to the middle school this first year.  The goal is to get the middle school concessions to run like the high school concessions.   Then both middle school and high school may come to the booster for assistance with needs for athletic programs.  Ginger plans to attend the parent meetings for each middle school sport.   She will ask Mr. Ehmen how the check should be written.


MEET THE RAIDERS NIGHT:   Be there at 5pm.  Boosters will run the concessions.   Volunteering to work are Mike, Anne, Marissa, Jill, Jenny, Matt, and Melody.

GRAVEL BY THE CONCESSION STAND:  When the concrete pad for the picnic tables was being done, it became apparent that additional rock was needed in that area.   The cost will be approximately $300.   Matt moved to authorize the funds necessary to pay for the rock; Melody seconded.   All in favor.

APPAREL:   At registration, most of the backbone of a Raider shirts sold out.   Melody reported there is still $298 in the apparel budget, but requested additional funds for more backbone shirts.   Matt moved to approve up to $750 for additional apparel.   Marissa seconded.   All in favor.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CLEANING:   Ginger will talk to Mr. Ehmen about arranging and organizing the trophy cases.   She will take care of the concession cleaning.

MIDDLE SCHOOL BANNERS:  Boosters requested an estimate.   Ginger will get an estimate.

UNIFORM DONATIONS:   At the middle school, Mr. Ehmen has developed a uniform rotation.   He asked the booster club to pay half of the cost of uniforms which would be $2,000 this year.   Mike moved to pay $4,000 for high school uniforms and establish a recurring middle school donation of $2,000 annually.   Matt seconded.   All in favor.

CONCESSION STAND WORK:   (NOTE:   Between meetings, officers voted and approved authorizing up to $1,500 to update the sink, countertop and faucet in the outdoor concession stand.   This was the result of broken pipes during the winter and other damage from water. )  The work has been completed and will probably come in under budget.


Mr. Dukes is working on the trophy cases.   He will work with John Zirkle when John’s work slows down later this fall.

Mr. Dukes would like for us to consider putting sod where the new rock is.   Boosters agreed to review it at the end of the season.

Mr. Dukes requested we continue to consider weight room expansion.  There were several comments stating there would be more support if it were to be a community weight room.   Several were in favor of community access.

Coach Waz told the booster club that there are many old jerseys.   He plans to sell the old jerseys at a low price.   He stated that he does not want to compete with the apparel sales.   All agreed it would not interfere with apparel sales.

Mike moved to adjourn.