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Minutes, September 2014

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – September 10, 2014 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Stacy Connor, Cathy Crego, Doug Miller, Jill Cultra, Mr. Ehmen, Mr. Meyer and Mr. Dukes.   Coach Wazilewski joined the meeting in progress.

MINUTES:   reviewed from the August 2014 meeting.  Matt requested that the August minutes will be amended to include a request from Shagbark for next year’s golf outing to be the last weekend in July.  Matt moved to approve with amendment, Cathy seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Matt presented the treasurer’s report.  Mike moved to approve, Doug seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


MS BANNERS:   Mr. Ehmen presented information on getting new banners for the MS gym.  Iroquois Print is working on an estimate for 11 (4×6) banners.  Mr. Ehmen will bring the estimate to the Boosters when he has it.

SPRING POCKET CALENDARS:   Discussion held on whether to offer a second pocket calendar for spring sports since they are not included on the ones handed out in the fall.  They are currently donated by Prospect Bank.  Anne will check to see if they would be willing to consider donating for a spring set also.  If not, we will get pricing and discuss options.  Agreed that MS volleyball could be included on these.

WEIGHT ROOM:   Prior to the booster meeting, Anne and Mike Carney met briefly with Dr. Dvorak, Mr. Dukes and Mr. Meyer to discuss what would be involved in creating a weight room facility at the school.  The project in any form would require an architect and such fees would need to be paid by the Booster Club.  Several possibilities were discussed, as well as many things that need to be taken into consideration.  By providing weight room equipment, the booster club can help all athletes, which is the mission of the booster club.   Booster club members believe that fund raising efforts will be more successful if the community can also benefit from the weight room.   It was also stated that for the project to be successful, the school board would need to be in favor of the project.    Booster members inquired if the school can contribute any funds toward the project or if they have offered any other ideas regarding the project.  Anne will plan to attend the October School Board meeting to seek their permission to continue gathering information on the feasibility of such a project.



HOMECOMING:   Boosters reviewed the schedule of events for homecoming week.    Boosters will have the concessions open during the powder puff game.

DONATION FOR ASSISTING WITH AD SALES:   In the past $500 has been given to the sports team that helps with ad sales.   Matt Clark requested this be tabled until next month so the Ad Sales Committee can speak with the football coaches first.

FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD:   Mr. Meyer presented information from a marketing group out of Peoria that would install a new football scoreboard and sell ads for it until the scoreboard is paid in full.   Mr. Meyer explained to the booster club that he wanted to speak with the booster club, as a courtesy, before presenting it to the board of education, because the booster club had been discussing a new football scoreboard.   Boosters thanked Mr. Meyer and unanimously stated that the booster club is in favor as it helps our athletic programs as a whole.   Boosters also stated that they hope the ad sales returned to the school will be directed to help the athletic programs and not be deposited into the general fund.    Mr. Meyer will present the information to the board.

UNIFORM DONATION CLARIFICATION:   Mr. Meyer presented a history of the uniform donation.   Fifteen years ago, IWHS was spending about $8,000 annually on uniforms and the booster club would pay half.   Mr. Meyer also confirmed that all high school sports are in the rotation.   Coaches should not come to the boosters directly for any uniform requests.    Now, the high school is spending $10,000 – $12,000 a year on uniforms.   Mr. Meyer asked if boosters would consider increasing the uniform donation.      Boosters agreed to consider the request now that the annual cost of uniforms has been presented.



Mr. Ehmen commented that the middle school open house is September 18.   He stated boosters are welcome to sell apparel.   (If a booster member is available, the apparel will be set up.)

Mr. Ehmen informed the booster club that Ginger Meyer is attending parent meetings for middle school sports and is recruiting volunteers for the concession stand.

Iroquois Print looked at the picnic tables to determine which plaques will work best on the tables.   She will do the plaques for half price since the booster club bought apparel from her.   Matt Clark moved that the booster club will pay for the plaques.    Mike seconded; motion carried.

Lavicka’s are ready to come work on the sunken gardens after the final practice of the season.   October 24 is the last game.

Mike moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   October 8, 2014 at IWHS at 7:00 pm