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Minutes, February 2015

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – February 11, 2015 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Stacy Connor, Cathy Crego, Heather Frank, Mr. Dukes, Coach Barkley, Coach Rhodes, Coach Wazilewski and Paul Maisonneuve.

MINUTES:   January 2015 minutes were reviewed.  Matt moved to approve the minutes; Cathy seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Matt presented the treasurer’s report for January.  Cathy moved to approve, Melody seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


WEIGHT ROOM:   Mr. Dukes presented extensive detail on the flooring and sub floor in the old gym.  The project will most likely require extensive work to be done as it is unknown the condition of the subfloor.   Boosters discussed applying to local trusts to help with the financial need of this project.   The school will not be able to contribute.   Matt Clark will contact Mike Miner and inquire about a donation.   To continue moving forward, Mr. Dukes requested a dollar commitment from the booster club.   If the booster club cannot contribute financially, the project will end.   Boosters collectively agreed to commit up to $30,000 toward the weight room project.   All coaches who were present continued to voice support for the weight room project.

“BRICKS” FUNDRAISER:   Boosters discussed plans to proceed with the “bricks” fundraiser.   Boosters present support the idea of the “bricks” fundraiser.   However, we need additional volunteers to run fundraisers.  This will be kept in mind for future fundraising.

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:   Dinner will be March 21.   The meal choices, dessert, and drink coupons will be the same.

MS TRACK/CROSS COUNTRY TIMER:  Timer has been ordered.


Paul Maisonneuve presented information regarding an on-line apparel store.   He has it set up.   He also does web page design.   He explained that he does not profit from this; he just offered it as a suggestion to allow Raider fans additional choices.   Boosters thanked Paul for the information and stated it will be shared with the apparel committee.


HS/MS BASEBALL EQUIPMENT:  Coach Rhodes is focusing on training.   He asked for assistance with purchasing two mats ($300 each).   He also asked for help so that he can do JV games at both the HS and the MS.   Matt moved to get two mats ($600) and asked what the exact price will be for home game umps.   Boosters may be able to help with fuel for away games.   Melody seconded the motion to approve the purchase of two mats.   Motion carried.

WINTER SPORTS BANQUET:   Banquet will be March 9.   We have punch on hand, but need to purchase 2 two liters of Sprite.   Anne will get pop and cups and napkins.   Anne will order cookies and Melody will pick up.   Cathy, Melody and Anne will serve.

TROPHY CASE:   The case is in and the glass will come Saturday.   The glass cost $2,300.   The cost is split between the athletic booster club and the music booster club.   John Zirkle donated his labor.   Cost of the case was $800.   Mr. Dukes asked if the boosters would be willing to pay an additional $500 since the cost of the glass was higher than projected.   Melody moved to pay an additional $500.   Cathy seconded.   All in favor; motion carried.

MS CONCESSIONS:   Middle school concessions will be discussed more next month.   Boosters appreciated the work and effort Mrs. Meyer put into the concessions this year.   Cost to booster club was the $500 donation to middle school programs.

BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS:  Volunteers are needed to hold offices for next year.   (Elections are in June.)  Treasurer, Apparel chair and Ad Sales chairs are needed.    Cathy expressed interest in apparel.

RECRUITMENT:   The booster club is in need of additional volunteers to help the booster club continue to be successful.


There was not enough interest to have a fan bus for the girls’ basketball regional game.

“Feel the Love” is Saturday, February 14.   That is boys’ basketball senior night.   Boosters will donate boxes of candy for that night.

Matt moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   March 11, 2015 at IWHS at 7:00 pm