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Minutes, March 2015

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – March 11, 2015 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Matt Clark, Melody Clark, Stacy Connor, Jill Cultra, Heather Frank, Coach Rhodes, Coach Barkley, Coach Young, Coach Wazilewski, and Coach Arie.

MINUTES:   February 2015 minutes were reviewed.  Melody moved to approve the minutes; Mike seconded, all in favor – motion carried.   Minutes from the special meeting in March were reviewed.   Mike moved to approve; Heather seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Matt presented the treasurer’s report for February.  Melody moved to approve, Mike seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


WINTER SPORTS BANQUET:   Banquet date is now March 23 at 7:30 p.m.   Jobs will remain the same.

WEIGHT ROOM:   Anne presented the letter from the anonymous donor which listed the donations commitments.   Mr. Dukes communicated parameters to Dr. Dvorak, and she thought it seemed reasonable.   Anne will attend March school board meeting.

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:   Dinner will now be April 11.   All else remains the same.

HS BASEBALL/SOFTBALL:  Coach Rhodes presented additional information about JV baseball.   Specifically he asked for assistance on fuel costs to take the mini bus to JV games and money for umps for home games.   For girls’ softball, there is strong participation this year, and Coaches Young and Wazilewski want to have JV games for softball as well.      Matt moved to fund 10 JV games for HS baseball and 10 games for softball to be paid by invoice.   (Approximate total cost – $700).  Melody seconded the motion.   All in favor – motion carried.


POPCORN/OIL:  Booster club will donate popcorn and oil to post prom, as they have done in the past.

FAMILY PASS:   A request had been made that the Booster club consider a family pass for sporting events.   Students from 6th grade on must purchase an activity pass through the school if they are participating in sports.    All high school students must purchase an activity pass.   Discussion held about potential complications in administering a family pass.     At this time, a family pass will not be offered.

FAN BUS:   Matt presented a formula to determine how boosters can contribute to fan buses.   Matt moved to pay ½ of the driver’s wages and ½ of the cost of fuel, by invoice, when boosters approve a fan bus.    Heather seconded the motion.   Motion passed.

CHAIRPERSONS:   Heather Tammen was nominated to be apparel chair.  Melody will contact Heather about the position.  Anne Carney will be baseball concessions chair.  Ad sales liaison will be Jill Cultra.   She will spearhead the project from the Booster side and will be the main contact for the designated sports team selling this year.  Anne will make the initial contact with the coaches on the rotation list to determine which sports team will be doing ad sales this year.  Golf outing chair is currently open and a volunteer is needed.   Matt will work with the new chair for this year.  Golf outing is last weekend in July.   Heather Frank will consider being the golf outing chairperson.

CONCESSION PRICING:   At the MS, Ginger Meyer will continue in her role again next year.   Boosters discussed water and pricing.   Discussion leaned toward no longer purchasing private label water and going back to smaller bottles.   Cases can be purchased through Best Supermarket for significantly less money per case.    Each bottle could be sold for $1.   Discussion about candy pricing.   Final decision to be made next month.

BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS:  Volunteers are needed to hold offices for next year.   (Elections are in June.)  There is an individual interested in Treasurer.   Current VPs in Danforth, Gilman and Onarga expressed interest in retaining their positions.


HS boys’ basketball concessions.   In the past, 40% of concession money is paid to the junior class.   Stacy moved to pay the junior class 40% of the concession money for the boys’ basketball season.   Mike seconded.   All in favor – motion carried.

New fundraising ideas were discussed.

Melody moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   April 8, 2015 at IWHS at 7:00 pm