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Minutes, July 2015

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – July 8, 2015 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Melody Clark, Matt Clark, Stacy Connor, Mike Carney, Doug Miller, Coach Jim Miller, Jill Cultra, Coach Waz, Tony Miller, Mike Randall and Cathy Crego.

MINUTES:   June 2015 minutes were reviewed.  Melody moved to approve the minutes; Jill seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Matt presented the treasurer’s report for the month of June.  He also moved to create a corporate resolution to have signor responsibilities assigned to Cathy Crego as the new treasurer.  Mike Carney seconded the motion.  All in favor.   Doug moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Jill seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


GOLF OUTING CHAIR:   Grant Meyer offered to co-chair the golf outing with Matt Clark.   Discussion held on the golf team assisting with the outing this year and/or in the future.   The majority of the work is already complete for this year’s outing.   Discussion held about a possible small donation if the golf team assists.   Matt will speak with Grant about the golf outing and future golf outings.   Anne suggested Grant talk to Mr. Meyer as well since all discussions should go through him as district AD.

FOLLOW-UP ON CHAIR ASSIGNMENTS:   Updates given on napkins, popcorn, pork chops, pocket calendars.   Discussion held regarding the spring pocket calendars.   Majority agreed to skip the spring calendars as there are many changes to the spring schedules due to weather.   A suggestion was made to keep schedules updated electronically.   Anne will work with Mike Randall on creating a QR code link to the Booster website that would keep schedules current.


Mike Randall introduced himself as the owner/operator of Stone Mill gym in Gilman.   He offered to help with marketing and on-line information for the Booster Club.   He wants to support the IW athletic programs.


TROPHY CASES:   Come to IWHS August 4th at 6:00 p.m. to clean concession stands and trophy cases.

ACTIVITY PASSES / SPORTS PROGRAMS:    Kathy Northcott will do the activity passes again this year.   There was a lot of positive feedback about the new passes last year.   Prices will remain the same at $45 per adult.   Kathy Northcott is also willing to do the programs for the same donation as has been given to the yearbook club in the past ($500).

AD SALES:   Discussion about ads for seniors.   Discussion about whether or not to charge for programs or ask for donations per program.   After extensive discussion, Boosters agreed to table it to next month.

REGISTRATION – August 5:   Cathy and Anne will work the morning shift for registration 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.   Jill and Stacy will work the afternoon shift for registration 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

OLD BOYS CELEBRATION:   Cathy and Stacy will work on the float and fill in the parade application.   Volunteers for the float include Mike, Anne, Melody, Stacy, Jason, Cathy, Jill.     Stacy will be heading the “Bricks” fundraiser.   Suggestion made to bring info to the beer tent.   Before proceeding with the bricks fundraiser, the installation quote is needed and we need permission from the grounds committee.    Mike Randall explained he will be hosting a “Health Corner” during the Old Boys celebration.   He offered that the Booster Club could have a booth at the gym at that time.

BUDGETING:   Boosters agreed with prices and costs regarding activity passes, sports programs, senior banners, coaches’ dinner and donation to MS for Ginger’s help with concession stands.  Discussion held regarding uniform donations.   Coach Waz shared information about the cost of uniforms increasing.   Booster Club has asked the school for documentation to help the Booster Club determine a possible increase in the donation amount.

UPCOMING MEETINGS:   The August meeting will be held on August 12th.   The September meeting will be held at the middle school.


Jim Miller requested that the AD meet with coaches and review protocol for using the new weight room.   Coach Waz commented that he and Coach Barkley have instructed the students on how to behave in the weight room.   All agreed that the new facilities are very nice and should be taken care of.   The Booster Club suggested Mr. Miller contact Mr. Meyer, as the school will manage the weight room and set the expectations for its use.

Regarding the sunken gardens, the city of Gilman has committed that if the sod is damaged, they will replace it.   Coach Waz has instructed the players to stay off of that area.   Coach Waz is communicating with the city on this project.

Tony Miller volunteered to be a point of contact for the Gilman Fire Department when events takes place which request a fire truck escort.   He stated that Gilman, Danforth, Onarga and Thawville are all willing to participate and enjoy helping with said events.

Question was asked about the scoreboard for the football field.   Any questions regarding the football scoreboard should be directed to Mr. Meyer.   The school is handling that project.

Additional discussion took place regarding Old Boys and the “Bricks” fundraiser.

Important dates:   Registration – August 5th and Meet the Raider Night – August 21.

Doug moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   August 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the high school