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Minutes, August 2015

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – August 12, 2015 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Melody Clark, Matt Clark, Stacy Connor, Doug Miller, Coach Waz, Mr. Houberg, Cathy Crego and Coach Arie.

Opening statement from President Anne Carney:   Anne expressed appreciation and pride in the IW Booster Club’s achievements and dedication, including the scoreboards in both the middle school and high school gyms, the weight room and various other contributions from the Booster Club.   She stated it is really awesome to see people working together to put the kids first.   She expressed she is proud to be part of the IW Booster Club.

MINUTES:   July 2015 minutes were reviewed.  Matt moved to approve the minutes; Doug seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Cathy presented the treasurer’s report for the month of July.  Doug moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Melody seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


GOLF OUTING:   Matt gave a brief summary on the golf outing and stated a final report will be given next month.   The outing was successful.   Matt will also speak with Grant Meyer about a donation for this year since the golf team helped with the 50/50 raffles.   Discussion was held about the golf team helping with the outing next year.   The Booster Club is open to working with the golf team on next year’s outing.

AD SALES RECAP:   Total ad sales were over $10,000.  There were three senior ads placed in the fall program.   T-shirts and programs will be ready for the first football game on August 28.   The ad boards are in progress.

BRICKS FUNDRAISERS:   The brochures for the bricks fundraiser were presented.   They will be distributed during Old Boys.   The fundraiser will run through the fall sports season.

FOOTBALL UPDATE: Coach Waz stated that the football team will be selling old jerseys during the Old Boys celebration.   They are fundraising because they need additional helmets for the football team this year.   In the parade, the football team will be carrying flags.   Coach Waz also mentioned that the Gilman Star will have an article about the old gym being redone.   He thanked the Booster Club for all that has been done.

PARADE:  The Booster Club will have a float in the Old Boys’ parade.   Doug Miller will drive.   Melody moved to approve up to $100 for parade candy.   Matt seconded.   All in favor.

RAIDER WATER:   The remaining Raider water will be used at Meet the Raider night and at youth games.   If there is any water left at that time, it will be used for hospitality.


MEET THE RAIDERS NIGHT:  Meet the Raiders night will be Friday, August 21.   The rifle team will work concessions that night.   Apparel will be sold.   There will also be parent meetings for volleyball, football, cheer, soccer and golf.

UNIFORMS DONATION:    In the past, the Booster Club has given the high school $4,000 toward uniforms and has given the middle school $2,000.    The school provided invoices on last year’s uniforms.   Melody moved to give $4,000 to the high school and $2,000 to the middle school toward the purchase of uniforms.   Matt seconded.   All in favor.   Anne will ask for invoices from this year so boosters can establish a history to help determine if we want to give additional funds in years where expenses may be heavier.

MIDDLE SCHOOL DONATION:   Last year a $500 donation was given to the middle school for Mrs. Meyer’s assistance with concessions and promoting the Booster Club to middle school parents.   Cathy moved to donate $500 to the middle school; Doug seconded.   All in favor.

HOMECOMING PARADE:   The homecoming parade will be at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 7, with coronation immediately following.   Powder puff football will be Wednesday night; Mr. Raider on Thursday night, with bonfire following; football game Friday night; and dance on Saturday night.   For the parade, the Booster Club will use Carney’s golf cart.   Boosters will work the concession for powder puff football night.   (Melody will work.  Cathy may be able to. Anne will check with Heather and Jill.)


The September meeting will be the first Wednesday of September and will be at the middle school.   (Date changed due to homecoming activities.)

Melody thanked Anne for the arrangement and figure that was given in honor of Coach Boma.   Melody shared that the family loved it.

Important dates:   Meet the Raider Night – August 21.

Doug moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   September 2, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the middle school