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Minutes, February 2016

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – February 10, 2016 Meeting

Members present included Anne Carney, Mike Carney, Melody Clark, Doug Miller, Heather Frank, Trixie Pankey, Jim Price, Steve Massey, Coach Waz and Stacy Connor.

MINUTES:   January 2016 minutes were reviewed.  Doug moved to approve the minutes; Mike seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Anne presented the treasurer’s report, in Cathy’s absence, for the month of January.  Melody moved to approve the treasurer’s reports, Trixie seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Stacy gave an update.   The minimum amount to order has been met for both the large and the smaller size bricks.   The due date is now March 18, and the first order will be placed with orders through that date.   An announcement will be made at remaining ball games and sports banquets.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SOUND SYSTEM:  Mr. Ehmen is working on it.


RIFLE CLUB REQUEST:  Doug Miller presented a rifle club request, approved by Hanns Meyer, for the lights and shop vac purchased as a result of updates to the weight room.   The receipts totaled $251.61.   Mike moved to approve and pay the bill as presented; Melody seconded the motion.   All in favor.

HS CROSS COUNTRY REQUEST:   Jim Price introduced Steve Massey as the HS Cross Country team coach.   The board recently approved adding cross country to the high school fall sports teams.   So far, approximately twelve students have signed up for the new sport.   The HS Cross Country team submitted a request for help, approved by Hanns Meyer, totaling $750.   This includes fees for invitationals, cones, marking paint, uniforms, etc.   Mike moved to give $750 to the new HS Cross Country team for start-up costs, etc.   Trixie seconded the motion.   All in favor.


COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:   The dinner will be held Friday, April 15.  The menu will be similar to last year and two drink tickets will be provided, same as last year.

FEEL THE LOVE NIGHT:   The Booster Club will donate 10 t-shirts to Feel the Love night, February 16.

WINTER SPORTS AWARDS BANQUET:   The winter sports award banquet will be held Thursday, March 10 at 7 p.m.  Anne will order cookies; Matt Clark will get drinks, Melody will pick up cookies from both K&H and Hometown.   Matt Clark will do a brief presentation about the Booster Club at the banquet.   Anne, Mike, Melody, Matt, Trixie and Heather will all be at the banquet.

BASEBALL CHAIRPERSON:  Heather Mikelson and Josephine Harkins will be baseball chairpersons.

OUTDOOR CONCESSION STAND MANAGER:    Heather Frank will be the outdoor concession stand manager for fall sports.   Trixie will assist.

POPCORN MACHINES:   New switches and bulbs were purchased for the popcorn machines.

UPCOMING TOPICS:   Anne listed upcoming events and challenges for boosters to be thinking about.   The topics included:

New Officers/New Members,  Sports Programs/Ad Sales


Post prom will be allowed to use popcorn and oil.

Sports programs:   Discussions held regarding the sports program.   There was a suggestion that we should consider getting quotes each year so that we give other local companies an opportunity to do the programs.  Trixie will get the name of the company that did the youth football programs and Stacy will contact the Gilman Star.

Coach Waz asked if the Booster Club would mind if the football team sells stocking caps as a fundraiser.   No objections were made and a couple of other suggestions were made as well.

Trixie mentioned the Manteno Athletic Boosters’ facebook page and some of the events they have held.

Boosters present reviewed the fan bus policy.

Heather suggested that the Booster Club give away some apparel at the coaches’ appreciation dinner.   All agreed.

Question asked if the Booster Club could buy another tent.   The discussion led to purchasing two tents:   one for the apparel display and one for the pork producers.   The tent for cooking should have sides for more protection.

Mike moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   March 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the high school