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Minutes, July 2016

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – July 13, 2016 Meeting

Members present included Rob Fink, Grant Meyer, Anne Carney, Heather Frank, Brenda Wasilewski, Stacy Connor, Marisa Perzee, Trixie Pankey, Mr. Ehmen, and Coach Ariea.

MINUTES:   June 2016 minutes were reviewed.  Rob moved to approve the minutes; Marisa seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report for June was presented.   Heather moved to approve, Stacy seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


FINISH ELECTIONS:   There were offices that had remained vacant from June.   Elections were held for the following officers.

President                            Heather Frank

Gilman VP                           Marisa Perzee

Treasurer                            Brenda Wasilewski

Crescent City VP               Cathy Crego

Anne will serve as out-going president to help Heather, new president, through the transition.    Heather will now be responsible for the debit card.    As treasurer, Brenda, will be allowed on-line access to the IW Booster Club bank accounts.    Stacy moved to approve officers, Heather seconded.   All in favor – motion carried.

BRICKS UPDATE:   Stacy gave an update on the bricks.   Stacy will contact Mr. Houberg to meet with the building and grounds committee to determine location.

MS SOUND SYSTEM:   Mr. Ehmen gave additional information on the proposed middle school sound system.  Total cost is $25,400.   District will spend $14,500.   Music boosters intend to contribute but have not determined amount yet.   The $5,500 needed will complete the original plan, but does not include the additional speakers.   Heather moved to spend $5,500 to complete the base project, then work with the music boosters to split the cost of the additional speakers.   Rob seconded.   All in favor – motion carried.


Pocket calendars – Prospect Bank will sponsor again; John has information.

Popcorn, popcorn bags, napkins – Cathy is working with Iroquois Federal

Napkins at Farmers State Bank of Danforth – Marisa


Golf Outing – July 30 @ 1pm

Rob is working with the sponsors and gathering golf teams.    Stacy and Rita will collect money at registration.   Golf team athletes will do 50/50s.   Volunteers for beer cart are Ms. Pickham, Trixie, Heather as back up.   A volunteer will be assigned for hole-in-one.   Golf tees, golf balls and a marker will be gifts for the teams entered.   Boosters and golf team will split the profits 50/50.   (Splitting the money will provide the golf team enough money for the range finder.)   Trixie moved to split golf outing proceeds 50/50.  Marisa seconded.   All in favor.


ACTIVITY PASS:  Heather will check on the cost of the activity pass.   The ad needs to be placed before registration.  Heather will order from Portrait Place.   (Order 175)

QUOTE FOR PROGRAMS:   Stacy will finalize quote cost from John at The Gilman Star.   Anne moved to allow John to print them with his new printer, Trixie seconded.   All in favor.   If final quote comes in higher than expected, boosters will review.

COMP ADS:  Hasselbring accounting receives a business card size ad in exchange for their professional services with the Booster Club’s annual tax return.   Iroquois Federal donates more than $500 by donating all of the popcorn each year and asked for a half page ad in the program.  Rob moved to approve Iroquois Federal to receive a half page ad for their popcorn donation of >$500.   Trixie seconded.   All in favor.    Boosters then discussed that there is a need to find a donor for popcorn oil.

CONCESSION CLEANING:   Baseball concession cleaning will be July 27 (Heather, Trixie, Rob).   HS Trophy cases and HS concession cleaning will be Monday, August 1 at 7pm.   All booster members are needed.

ADS: Stacy will talk to Coach Stone about preparing the sports ads for print.  Heather will get the sports ad list to Iroquois Print when complete.

REGISTRATION:  Morning shift:   7-9am:  Heather and Brenda; 9-11am:  Rob and Lisa.   Afternoon shift:   3-5pm: Stacy; 5-7pm: Marisa and Trixie.


MIDDLE SCHOOL                             Ginger Meyer, Trixie Pankey (Marisa Perzee – back up)

SOCCER                                             Jenifer St. Peter, Tracy Brenner

VOLLEYBALL                                     Jill Cultra

GIRLS BB                                            Jill Cultra

BOYS BB                                            Junior Class (Anne Carney)

FOOTBALL VARSITY                         Stacy Connor

FOOTBALL JV                                    Stacy Connor

Stocking Concessions                     Heather Frank

Pork Producers                                 Stacy Connor

Fire Departments                             Marisa Perzee

Media Chair                                      Trixie Pankey

APPAREL:  Coach Arie asked for direction about apparel.   Boosters discussed items and how to proceed with apparel.   Last year, orders were taken and no inventory was purchased.   This year Coach Arie will order and inventory will be sold at games.   Trixie moved to approve a $3,000 apparel budget.   Coach Arie will select items.   Marisa seconded.   All in favor.  (NOTE:   After the meeting Coach Arie notified boosters that with the items selected the total is $3,600.   Boosters voted by email to approve an additional $600 for Coach Arie to use to order apparel.)


Trixie moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   August 10, 2016 at IWHS at 7:00 pm