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Minutes, August 2016


Members present included Jim Miller, Kristen Kimmel, Lisa McMillan, Coach Arie, Marisa Perzee, Cecilia Lopez, Amy Miller, Brenda Wazilewski, Heather Frank, Doug Miller, Rob Fink, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, and Coach Waz.

MINUTES – July 2016 minutes were reviewed.  Lisa moved to approve the minutes; Brenda seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s report for July was presented.   Doug moved to approve the report; Rob second, all in favor – motion carried.

SPORTS PROGRAMS:   Due to Coach Stone needing to return to football practice, Boosters allowed Coach Stone to be first on the agenda.   He informed the Booster club that he received last year’s file from Kathy Northcott.   However, the file is in Adobe InDesign.   Coach Stone currently does not have that software and will not be able to convert it to Microsoft Publisher.   He can get InDesign for $240 year.   He offered to purchase it now and then apply the donation to reimburse his yearbook account, in essence receiving only half of the donation from the Booster club.  ($500)

He explained with InDesign, once he gets this first edition done himself, he can do them easily in the future.   Obtaining approval to purchase Adobe InDesign would take 2 days.   Boosters discussed that they would like for Coach Stone and the yearbook club to work on the programs in the future as well.  Stacy moved to approve $240 for the software and an additional $500 donation for the yearbook club to do the sports programs.   Heather seconded the motion.   All in favor.

The programs will be ready for the first game on September 2.


CONCESSION SCHEDULES: Football is in good shape. Volleyball will be handled by Jill Cultra.  Ginger Meyer will do MS Girls BB.   Amy Miller, MS Girls BB coach, volunteered to let MS Girls BB help during soccer concessions.    Heather will send her a schedule.  Amy or Heather will mention it during the parent meeting for MS Girls BB.

BRICKS UPDATE:  Stacy gave update on the bricks fundraiser.   Boosters discussed what to call the “monument” type structure.   Suggestion was made to call it the “Rally Rock”.   Board meeting will be Monday, August 15.  Stacy will be out of town.   Heather will attend and give an overview of plan.

AD SALES: Committee is still collecting ad money.   Process is in going well overall.

MS SOUND SYSTEM: MS Sound system has been ordered.  Mr. Ehmen is waiting for music boosters to approve their amount.

APPAREL:  Coach Arie gave an update on apparel.  Coach Arie will be at the varsity football games.   Jason Connor will pick up to save on delivery costs.  Boosters discussed youth size t-shirts.

GOLF OUTING:   Rob gave a recap of the golf outing.   Overall it was a very good day.   Both groups cleared $1500 each.   We were down two teams this year.   Next year should be back up to full list of teams.   Eight student athletes worked; participants commented that it was nice to see the kids.     We need to do that more often.   Boosters and golf team agreed that the 50/50 split seemed to work nicely.


Coach Waz presented a request to purchase a new cover for the single man tackling sled.    The sled itself is in good shape, but the cover is shot. Cover and padding would be $579.44. Cover only $200.      With it being summertime and not being in the office each day, Coach Waz had not had a chance to meet with Mr. Meyer.   With the timing of the booster meeting, Coach Waz presented the request understanding it was pending Mr. Meyer’s authorization.  Rob moved to approve $579.44 to purchase the new cover and padding, pending Mr. Meyer’s authorization.    Doug seconded.   All in favor.

Jim Miller said Rifle Club will work for Meet the Raider Night.  Boosters expressed appreciation for Rifle Club working that night.


MEET THE RAIDERS – Rifle club will be there around 5pm.   Hanns will have the cash bags and will take it at the end of the night.   Rifle Club will have 5 people working.  Apparel and activity passes will also be available for purchase.

HOMECOMING – Homecoming week will be September 26 – 30.   Boosters will work the concessions for powder puff football.   Heather will get a golf cart for the parade.  Boosters will use magnetic signs and maybe throw out clearance merchandise.

UNIFORM DONATION:  Uniform donations and disbursements – Annually we give $4,000 for HS and $2,000 MS for uniforms.   Doug moved to donate $4,000 to HS and $2,000 MS for uniforms.   Marissa 2nd.   All in favor.

DUTIES DURING HOME FOOTBALL GAMES:  Marisa has communicated with the area fire departments to help with cooking pork chops at home games.  She is still waiting to hear from Crescent City regarding the last game.   If they are unable to work the last game, one of the other fire departments will be asked to do so.   Coach Arie will do apparel with another volunteer.   Stacy and Heather will do activity passes.    There are two new tents in the trailer that can be used for those cooking pork chops and those selling apparel.

AD SALES:   When ad sales are complete the list needs to be sent to Iroquois Print to make the donor board and the giveaway t-shirts.

OUTSIDE CONCESSION STAND:  There is an issue with one cooler and the water line.  The school had someone working on it today.    There were issues at the crow’s nest too.   Mr. Meyer and Mr. Houberg are aware.  Heather will call about the single cooler inside the outdoor concession stand.

BASEBALL CONCESSIONS:  Heather suggested we begin considering options for baseball concessions:   Do we want to let a group take it and split the profit?    Boosters agreed to think about it.   Suggestion made to do something like boys’ BB and boosters give the group a percentage of sales.


Discussion over remaining ads sales.

Doug moved to adopt the corporate resolution for Federated.   Rob seconded.   All in favor.

Rob moved to adjourn.

NEXT MEETING:   September 14, 2016