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Minutes, September 2016

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – September 14, 2016

Members present included Jim Miller, Cecilia Lopez, Brenda Wazilewski, Heather Frank, Doug Miller, Duane Ehmen, and Stacy Connor.

MINUTES – August 2016 minutes were reviewed.  Doug moved to approve the minutes; Brenda seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT –  Brenda presented the treasurer’s report for August.   Doug moved to approve the report; Heather second, all in favor – motion carried.


CONCESSION STAND: Heather gave an update on several recent maintenance issues with the outdoor concession stand.   New light bulbs may be needed.

BRICKS UPDATE:  Stacy gave update on the bricks fundraiser.   A recent suggestion was to do two pillars and a metal archway above.   Boosters continue to discuss the best way to display the bricks.

SPORTS PROGRAMS AND GIVEAWAY SHIRTS:   The giveaway shirts and ad boards are complete and the decals have been ordered.   Boosters agreed to review the sports programs process in the spring.

MS SOUND SYSTEM: Mr. Ehmen gave an update on the new sound system at the middle school.   He stated it is amazing.   To purchase the column speakers, additional funds are needed.   The music boosters gave a donation, but additional funds are required.   Boosters asked Mr. Ehmen if all groups that use the middle school have been asked to contribute.   Mr. Ehmen stated there are additional parties he wants to speak with and he will update the boosters at a future meeting.

APPAREL:  The new apparel items have been well received.

FIRE DEPTS:   The fire departments have each taken a home football game and the schedule is filled.

ACTIVITY PASSES:   At this time, the same number of passes have been sold as last year.



AD SALES DONATION:   Doug moved to donate $500 to the soccer team for helping with ad sales.  Stacy seconded the motion.   All in favor.

GIVEAWAY SHIRTS: Several extra t-shirts will be thrown at the homecoming game since shirts were not thrown out at the first home game.

HOMECOMING: Homecoming week will be September 26 – 30.  Heather will have the golf cart.   We will use the magnetic signs.   Stacy and Heather will ride in the parade.   Parade is 4pm on Friday.  Student Council approached the booster club and requested to work concessions during powder puff football and receive a portion of the money made.   Boosters discussed that it is a homecoming activity put on by the student council and not a school athletic event.   Stacy moved to allow IWHS student council, with adult supervision, to work the concession stand during powder puff football and to receive 40% of sales for that evening.  Doug seconded.   All in favor.

SPORTS AWARDS NIGHTS:  Boosters discussed sports awards’ dates.  Heather will order the cookies and Stacy will pick them up for the fall sports awards’ banquet.   Heather will purchase table clothes.  Stacy and Heather will review the letter and submit to Linda to send to athletes’ families.

PACK THE PLACE NIGHTS:   Boosters discussed “Pack the Place” dates for fall sports.

MS Girls BB                        11/14/16 (vs Nash)

MS Boys BB                        11/18/16 (vs Watseka)

HS Girls VB                         10/13/16 (PBL)

Boosters agreed to give out an apparel item as a raffle prize for those who wear Raider gear to each event.

FENCE ART:  Brenda presented information on fence art.   “Raider Nation” with the IW in the center, made up of three colors, would be a total cost $405.05.   Doug moved to approve purchasing the fence art to be placed at the north fence of the football field.   (It was noted that Hanns Meyer approved the north fence as the place to display the fence art.)   Stacy seconded.   All in favor.

BASEBALL CONCESSIONS:  To be discussed at a future meeting.


The October booster meeting will be moved to October 19th due to high school soccer regionals and golf on October 12.  The meeting will be at the middle school gym so that boosters can hear the new sound system.

Doug moved to adjourn.

NEXT MEETING:   October 19, 2016