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Minutes February 2017

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – February 8, 2017


Members present included Heather Frank, Rob Fink, Cecilia Lopez, Sam Rhodes, Trixie Pankey, Stacy Connor. 


MINUTES – January 2017 minutes were reviewed.  Rob moved to approve the minutes; Heather seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  


TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s report for January presented.   Stacy moved to approve the report; Rob second, all in favor – motion carried.  




BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Bricks committee is getting an estimate for a steel archway for entrance.


WINTER SPORTS AWARDS BANQUET:  Monday, March 13.  Duties – Heather will order from Hometown & K&H.   Heather will get everything for fruit punch.   Stacy can pick up the cookies from both places.   Heather will check napkins and cups.   Rob, Cecilia and Heather will be there to work.   6:30 arrival will be fine.   


COACHES’ APPRECIATION DINNER:   Dinner will be April 1.  Heather will send invites a month before.   Give count to Shagbark.  Trixie will make invites and scholarship certificates.   Then Heather will email them March 1.   Boosters discussed any special honors that may take place.  Trixie will make an ad for the Gilman Star to honor Hanns being accepted into the Coaches’ Hall of Fame.


PACK THE PLACE:   Cecilia Lopez will hand out tickets for Raider wear.   








BASEBALL REQUEST:   Sam Rhodes requested that the booster club help with JV baseball games.   Currently there are nine games scheduled.   He estimates the cost will not exceed $1,000.   Stacy moved to pay up to $1,000 to help fund JV baseball.   Trixie seconded.  All in favor.   Heather will work with Coach Arie to discuss the district helping with JV baseball next year.


BASEBALL CONCESSIONS:  The soccer team will take over baseball concessions.   They will be allowed to use the popcorn machine, hot chocolate and hot dog machine.   They will need to purchase popcorn and oil.    Booster club will allow them to buy what candy is left.   Heather will keep track of what equipment and supplies are used.

SPORTS’ PROGRAM ADS:   Coach Rhodes will discuss sports’ program ad collection at the baseball parent meeting.   Several baseball parents will be asked to spearhead the project.   Boosters will assign a liaison as well.       




Discussed ideas and opportunities for the future.   


Brainstormed about different alumni activities.   


Rob moved to adjourn.  


NEXT MEETING:   March 8, 2017 @ IWHS 7pm