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Minutes March 2017



Members present included Heather Frank, Rob Fink, Cecilia Lopez, Brenda Wasilewski, Stacy Connor, Doug Miller, Duane Ehmen, Cam Stone and Coach Arie. 


MINUTES – February 2017 minutes were reviewed.  Cecilia moved to approve the minutes; Rob seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  


TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s report for February presented.   Rob moved to approve the report; Heather second, all in favor – motion carried.    Treasurer also presented request for donation from the post prom committee.   Boosters agreed to allow use of the popcorn popper and will donate a few items of Raider gear.   Stacy will respond to the post prom letter.




BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Boosters agreed to proceed with the plan of the arch so that it’s a clear entryway.   Plan will be to do concrete pillars with the bricks and steel archway.


WINTER SPORTS AWARDS BANQUET:  Monday, March 13.  Duties – Heather will order from Hometown & K&H.   Heather will get everything for fruit punch.   Stacy can pick up the cookies from both places.   Heather will check napkins and cups.   Rob, Brenda, Stacy and Heather will be there to work.   6:30 arrival will be fine.   


COACHES’ APPRECIATION DINNER:   Dinner was moved to March 25.  Heather sent out invites.  Trixie will make invites and scholarship certificates.   


OUTDOOR BASEBALL CONCESSION:   Heather set up the soccer team for concessions.  The middle school has one dance left and they will use remaining inventory at the MS concession stand.  


SPORTS’ PROGRAM ADS:   Boosters discussed changing the donation to the athletes that help with the sports program.   Rob moved to donate 5% of ad sales to the athlete group working on the sports program.   Heather seconded; motion carried.   (Currently 5% of total ad sales would be a comparable donation to what has been done in the past.   The intent is to allow groups to earn more if they sell additional ads.)  Booster members will review the ad sales letter independently and then bring ideas for the letter to the April meeting.  Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez and Brenda Wasilewski will be liaisons.


DISPERSING FUNDS:   Boosters discussed ideas to improve our programs and distribute funds.    Some of the topics covered were weight room, batting cages, locker rooms for both the middle school and high school, and a shooting machine for basketball.   (Question was posed about the football bleachers and an answer was given that they meet code requirements.)


Mr. Ehmen mentioned that basketball hoops that move up and down, like the ones at the high school, would be very much appreciated at the middle school as well.    No cost was discussed at this time.




Coach Arie stated that she intends on keeping the current process in place in regards to equipment requests, i.e. coaches will first come to her, get her signature of approval, and then will go to boosters for said request.


Stacy moved to do a half page ad for the IBCA program.   Cecilia seconded; all in favor.  Rob will take care of ad copy.


Rob moved to adjourn.  


NEXT MEETING:   April 5, 2017 @ IWHS 7pm