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Minutes August 2017


Members present included Heather Frank, Stacy Connor, Brenda Wasilewski, Rob Fink, Cameron Stone, Bob Campbell, Marisa Perzee, Carrie Davis, Lisa McMillan, Jenni McTaggart, Lisa Rice, Doug Miller, and Coach Arie. 

MINUTES – July 2017 minutes were reviewed.  Heather moved to approve the minutes; Carrie seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  

TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s report for July presented.  Stacy moved to approve the report; Heather second, all in favor – motion carried.    
BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   The IW BOE approved the plan for the entryway.   Goal is that it should be completed by homecoming.

SPORTS PROGRAM ADS:   Ads are done and programs should be available for the first home game.


MS Girls BB: Brenda Wasilewski

MS liaisons: Cam Stone and Ginger Meyer (Ginger will do student sign-ups)

MS VB: Carrie Davis

MS Boys BB: Amy Tilstra (Heather Frank will assist)  

APPAREL: Apparel sales went well at registration.   A re-order will be placed on the “It’s All About the Red & Blue.”    

MEET THE RAIDERS:   Rifle club will work the concession stand.  Cecilia and Traci will cover apparel.

POPCORN POPPER:   Boosters determined that when another group uses the popcorn popper, a form will be signed.   There must be a person who takes responsibility for it from that group.

WEIGHT ROOM:   Coach Arie updated boosters on the plans to add equipment to the weight room.   Boosters recalled the intent was that the booster club would add equipment once the floor and room were finished.   (The stage was worked on over the summer.)   Coach Arie explained that the “dream” scenario would be to purchase equipment up to $21,000.   After discussion, Stacy moved to authorize Coach Arie to spend up to $13,000 from the quote for equipment for the weight room, as she sees fit.   Doug seconded the motion.   All in favor.  Boosters will review in six months to see if there are additional funds that can be applied.  


PACK THE PLACE:   For MS girls’ basketball – September 28 vs Cissna Park; HS girls VB – October 5 vs Clifton Central.   Boosters will toss out shirts and have raffle items.

IW OPEN HOUSES:  With the open houses being before school begins and the majority happening on the same night, boosters will not have a table at the open houses.

HOMECOMING:   Homecoming week will be discussed in September.   

IDEAS FOR HOME FOOTBALL GAMES:   Suggestion to have theme nights at football games.   The first game could be youth football night and introduce the youth teams.   (Marisa will coordinate with IWYFL.)  Other suggestions were to have fans wear their own football jersey to homecoming night and they’ll be entered in a drawing.   Suggestions for basketball season were to honor the military and local fire departments.    

UNIFORMS:  Brenda will issue checks for uniforms:   $5,000 for the high school and $2,000 for the middle school.  

GOLF OUTING:   Rob will report next month.  
Rob moved to adjourn.  
NEXT MEETING:   September 13, 2017 @ IWHS 7pm