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Minutes October 2017

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – October 11, 2017

Members present included Heather Frank, Rob Fink, Stacy Connor, Brenda Wasilewski, Cameron Stone, Bob Campbell, Lisa Rice, Cecilia Lopez, Marisa Perzee, Carrie Davis, Anna Talbert, Lucy Carmona and Jeff McMillan. 

MINUTES – September 2017 minutes were reviewed.  Cecilia moved to approve the minutes; Carrie seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  

TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s report for September presented.  Funds for the weight room will be taken from the Federated account to reimburse IWHS.  The baseball team will be paid 5% of total ad sales.  (This will be the percentage paid to groups from this point forward.) Rob moved to approve the report; Stacy second, all in favor – motion carried.    


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   The bricks entrance is now up.   Many compliments were shared.   Thank you’s will be sent out to several involved in the project.   Another order will be placed at the end of the month.  

WEIGHT ROOM: Invoice received. (See treasurer’s report above.)

FALL SPORTS BANQUET:  The fall sports banquet will be November 7.   Brenda, Rob, Cecilia, Carrie and Stacy will attend.   Cecilia will pick up cookies.   Heather will check table clothes.  


HS Girls Basketball Amy Schunke and Trixie Pankey

HS Boys Basketball Junior class (Lisa Hanson and Sarah Pree)

MS Girls VB Carrie Davis

MS Boys Basketball Amy Tilstra



EIQUIPMENT REPAIR:  The inside popcorn popper is broken.   Heather will ask a volunteer to look at it.  The outside water heater is not working.  A volunteer will look at it.  

OUTDOOR CONCESSION STAND:   The last outside event is October 21.   The outside concession stand floor needs painted.   It will be added to the list of summer painting.  Tentative clean-out date is October 22.

PACK THE PLACE DATES:   Pack the Place for winter sports:

MS VB Feb 22 vs Cissna Park

MS Boys BB Jan 16 – Last home game vs Tripoint

HS Girls BB Jan 25 vs Dwight

HS Boys BB Jan 19 vs IL Lutheran

WINTER SPORTS PROGRAMS:   First home game is November 27th.  Goal is to have them done by December 1st.

NEXT MEETING:   There will be no meeting in November or December.   If a request comes up, we can do an email meeting.


Dr. Dvorak shared that she liked the gym and the improvements made there.   She also invited all to attend the meeting at the IWMS on October 17.   The entire community is encouraged to attend.

Coach Stone stated that he spent $1600 on new baseball uniforms.   MS cross country will be getting uniforms.   He is also looking at equipment for MS track as they currently have no equipment.  There was additional discussion on funds for uniforms and the need for equipment for certain teams.

Trixie will handle any additional orders for mural shirts.

Lisa M will write the Thank You’s and Trixie will design them.   Thank You’s will be sent to the businesses who worked football games and soccer games.   Additional Thank You’s will be written to the pork producers, Cindy G, the fire departments and the Farmers State Bank of Danforth for their grill donation.  Stacy will provide a list of who worked on the bricks’ project.

Rob moved to adjourn.  

NEXT MEETING:   January 3, 2018 @ IWHS 7pm