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Agenda August 2018


Wednesday, August 8, 2018


  • July  Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report


Old Business

  • Brick Entrance Updates from Stacy- order in for 28 bricks  first order was 32,
  • Outside Popcorn popper and outside water heater are in!
  • Ad Program- .
  • Scrimmage Concession ( need money bag picked up from bank)
  • Parent meetings for Meet the Raider
  • Registration and apparel recap
  • Student Council at MS-
  • Follow up on duties for fall that were handed out in June
  • Football home games:Fire dept: Aug31 Danforth, Sept 14 Gilman, Sept 28 Onarga (need cashier for pork sales), Oct 19 Thawville

Concesssion help- businesses??

Youth games: Aug 18, Sept 1, Sept 29, Oct 13

  • Volunteers for Extra help at football games



New Business

  • Deciding on pop for inside concession stand
  • Booster Mail to the Middle school
  • Cleaning of Outside concession stand
  • Homecoming- concession for powder puff, golf cart in parade, other ideas
  • Pack the place night for HS volleyball,
  • Continue discussion of new fundraisers, Cash Bash


Round table


Important Dates:

  • Cash Bash  Aug 11
  • Meet The Raiders  Aug 17
  • First home football game Aug 31
  • Next Meeting Sept 5??? Sept 12 is homecoming week