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February 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – February 21, 2018

Members present included Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez, Rob Fink, Stacy Connor, Brenda Wasilewski, Coach Arie, Coach Stone, Grant Meyer, Doug Miller, Carrie Davis, Trixie Pankey, Jason Ahlden, Justin Meents, Greg Frank, Lisa Rice, Marisa Perzee, Lisa McMillan and Jeff McMillan.

MINUTES – January 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Rob moved to approve the minutes; Carrie seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s reports were presented.  Stacy moved to approve the report; Cecilia second, all in favor – motion carried.



BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Still accepting orders.   Another order will be placed soon so the bricks can be placed this spring.  Trixie moved to approve a complimentary brick for CCU since they are continuing to mount bricks at no additional cost.   Carrie seconded the motion.   All in favor.

WEIGHT ROOM: Coach Arie gave an update on the weight room.  The floor on the west side is in need of repair.   Justin Meents said that PSI is preparing a quote.   Coach Arie is coordinating the repairs.

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:   The dinner will be March 2.   Raffle items will be given for the coaches, including training certificates, Raider apparel and gift cards (totaling up to $500).   Trixie will print vouchers.   Stacy will get gift cards.   Doug Miller will present a special award for his dad.

EQUIPMENT REPAIR:  Tabled to next month.   Volunteers are needed to look at this equipment.

WORKERS FOR PACK THE PLACE:   MS Girls VB – February 22 5pm.  Carrie Davis will hand out tickets for Raider wear.


Justin Meents with IWYBSL requested help for the net of a batting cage.   The youth league will be responsible for the maintenance.   The estimated total cost is about $2,000.   He asked the booster club to help with a portion of the total cost.   Our middle school baseball program and high school girls’ softball program will benefit from this equipment.   Doug Miller moved to approve $720 (as per the invoice presented) for the batting net.   Marisa second; all in favor.


MURAL SHIRTS – Trixie stated that 45 more items were ordered and all have been distributed.

WINTER SPORTS AWARDS:   Thursday, March 8.   Heather will order everything.   Cecilia will pick up cookies.   Rob will take care of punch supplies.

BASEBALL CONCESSION:   Boosters will sell remaining inventory (after baseball season) to the youth baseball league.

ADDITIONAL FUNDRAISERS:  Discussion held about a cash bash.   Coach Arie and Coach Stone will spearhead.   They are looking into dates.   Additional committee members are Lisa McMillan, Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez and Trixie Pankey.



Coach Arie shared that the school board approved having the gym floors refinished.   The work will be done this summer.

Boosters discussed an electronic ad board on the scorer’s table.  Something to think about for the future.

The high school softball team will be the team to work with on ads for this year.

Stacy moved to adjourn.

NEXT MEETING:   March 14, 2018 @ IWHS 7pm