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July 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – July 11, 2018 Meeting

Members present included Rob Fink, Kristen Kimmel, Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Sissie Poppie, Marisa Perzee, Trixie Pankey, Marjorie Reardanz, Bob Campbell, Coach Monk, Coach Stone, and Coach Arie.   

MINUTES:   June 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Heather moved to approve the minutes; Rob seconded, all in favor – motion carried.   

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report for June was presented.   Marisa moved to approve, Heather seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


BRICKS UPDATE:   Update from Stacy:  Order for 28 bricks.   (There were 32 the first order.) Bricks will be up by Meet the Raiders night.   

OUTSIDE POPCORN POPPER AND WATER HEATER:   Josh Leonard will be working on it in August.   Jason A is getting information on water heater.

AD PROGRAM:  Remaining checks are being collected.   Ads must be in by August.

GOLF OUTING:   Outing will be July 28.   Boosters will receive $750.   Two boosters will work registration at the golf outing.  

WEIGHT ROOM UPDATE:  Waiting on signs to come in.

FALL DUTIES:   Follow up discussions on duties assigned for fall sports.   (Boosters need a volunteer for the September 28 game to help Pork Producers.)

APPAREL:  Boosters on working on apparel for August.   Boosters will encourage people to look at online store.  

MEET THE RAIDERS CONCESSIONS:   Meet the Raiders is August 17. Doug Miller and Rifle Club will work concessions.   


REGISTRATION VOLUNTEERS:  Trixie will be working on the schedule and will send out reminders.  

ACTIVITY PASSES:   Discussion held about activity passes prices.   Adult passes are $45 and students/seniors are $40.   Heather will contact Kathy Northcott to print passes.   (Order 150)

CLEANING CONCESSION STANDS:   Cleaning set for July 30th at 6pm.       

STUDENT COUNCIL AT IWMS:  At this time there is no student council sponsor.  

FUND RAISERS:   Discussions about cash bash.  


Rob moved to adjourn.  

Next Meeting:   August 8, 2018 at IWHS at 7:00 pm