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Minutes Jan. 2018


Members present included Heather Frank, Rob Fink, Stacy Connor, Brenda Wasilewski, Coach Arie, Coach Stone, Doug Miller, Carrie Davis, Trixie Pankey and Jeff McMillan. 

MINUTES – October 2017 minutes were reviewed.  Heather moved to approve the minutes; Doug seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  

TREASURER’S REPORT –  Treasurer’s reports for October and November presented.  Heather moved to approve the report; Stacy second, all in favor – motion carried.    



BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Still accepting orders.   Another order will be placed soon so the bricks can be placed this spring.  

WEIGHT ROOM: Coach Arie gave an update on the weight room.   Everything that was initially ordered has come in. There are around thirty students consistently using the weight room.   Coaches are pleased with that number. Coach Arie requested additional equipment totaling $16,708. This next order will complete the needed equipment. Discussion followed. Rob moved to authorize up to $17,000 for additional equipment for the weight room.  Trixie seconded the motion. All in favor.

WINTER SPORTS PROGRAMS:   Programs were completed and are being distributed.




EQUIPMENT REPAIR:  The outside popcorn popper is not working properly.   The outside water heater is not working. Volunteers are needed to look at this equipment.   


MS Boys Basketball January 16 Rob Fink  

MS Girls VB February 22 5pm Carrie Davis

HS Girls Basketball January 25 Stacy Connor

HS Boys Basketball January 19 Trixie Pankey

WINTER SPORTS AWARDS:   Thursday, March 8. Duties will be assigned at the February meeting.

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:   Boosters agreed to have the dinner at Inside Out again.   Heather will check with them on the following dates: March 2 or March 9.

BASEBALL CONCESSION:   Rich has agreed to do baseball concessions again this year.

THROW BACK NIGHT:   Watseka is celebrating “80s Throw Back Night” when our boys’ basketball teams play on January 12.   Jeff McMillan raised $250 for the booster club through a live donation drive on social media. Coach Arie will use that for throwback uniforms.  

MS VOLLEYBALL CHAIR:   Carrie Davis confirmed she will be the MS Volleyball chairperson.




Boosters discussed dates of upcoming tournaments.  


A question was asked if cheerleaders are in the uniform rotation, because cheerleaders and parents have helped in the concession stands.  Coach Arie will check into this.


The question was asked if the booster club would consider an additional fund raiser.   A suggestion was made to do a cash bash (non-alcoholic) before a basketball game. More information will be researched and brought back to the booster club.


Stacy moved to adjourn.  


NEXT MEETING:   February 7, 2018 @ IWHS 7pm