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October 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – October 10, 2018

Members present included Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez, Kristen Kimmel, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, Bob Campbell, Trixie Pankey, Lisa McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Amy Miller, Doug Miller, Rob Fink, Hanns Meyer, Julie Read, Marisa Perzee, Coach Rhodes and Coach Arie.

MINUTES – September 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Cecilia moved to approve; Trixie seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT – August and September treasurer’s reports were presented. In addition, a summary of the cash bash was reviewed. Stacy moved to approve the reports and Julie seconded.   All in favor.


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Gate is in place.   Lots of compliments given.   The school will purchase a lock.

APPAREL AND PASS SALES:  Apparel sales and pass sales are going well.

WINTER SPORTS CONCESSION CHAIRS:  HS Girls BB – Amy Schunke; HS Boys BB – junior class (Suzy Manahan); MS Boys BB – Lisa McMillan & Marissa Perzee; MS Girls VB – Carrie Davis.

FALL SPORTS AWARDS:   Banquet will be November 6th at 7pm.  Cecilia will get cookies.   Trixie, Rob, Julie will be there.


Introduced and welcomed Julie Read.


PACK THE PLACE: HS VB – Thursday, October 18; MS Girls BB – Monday, November 12 vs Nash; MS Boys BB – Possibly December 17th, but not for sure; HS Girls BB – Thursday, January 10 and HS Boys BB – Friday January 11 vs Watseka.

OUTSIDE CONCESSION STAND – Last event October 19; Repaint the floor when time allows; bring in water heater; Sunday, October 21 @ 5pm.

WINTER SPORTS PROGRAM – Make sure all players are in pictures; Heather will email Kathy; 1st home events are November 20 and Boys BB November 27.

THANK YOU’S – Lisa will send Thank You’s to fire departments; Cindy G, pork producers, and businesses.