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September 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – September 5, 2018

Members present included Heather Frank, Cecelia Lopez, Kristen Kimmel, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, Bob Campbell, Trixie Pankey, Lisa McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Rob Fink, Hanns Meyer, Marisa Perzee, and Coach Arie.

MINUTES – August 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Rob moved to approve; Cecelia seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Due to moving the meeting up a week, the treasurer’s report will be presented once the bank statement is received.


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Bricks are up; gate will be up soon.

OUTSIDE POPCORN POPPER:   New popper is in.

OUTSIDE WATER HEATER:   New water heater is in.

APPAREL AND PASS SALES:  Apparel sales and pass sales went relatively well considering the weather at the first game.   Fans requested ponchos and umbrellas be sold.

MS STUDENT COUNCIL:   Sponsor has been hired.   She will line up student workers for concessions.

HOMECOMING:  Heather will drive the golf cart in the parade.  Heather and Lisa will throw candy.  At the homecoming game, we will have a drawing for Raider gear.

POP:  The cost of pop will now be $2 per bottle.   Pork burgers are now $3.

GOLF OUTING:  The golf outing was a success.   The golf team will send a check.

CASH BASH RECAP:   Cash bash was a success and we will hold another one next year.   Boosters reviewed what we can do better for next time.   Desserts will be added next year.



UNIFORM DONATION:  The high school will receive $5,000 for uniforms and the middle school $2,000; same as last year.


YEARBOOK DONATION:   The yearbook will receive a $500 donation for helping with the programs.   (Same as last year.)

STUDENT COUNCIL PAYMENT:  The MS student council will receive the same $500 donation for lining up student concession stand workers.

HS SOFTBALL:   The HS softball team will receive their donation as determined on the percentage of ad sales.   (Approximately $500)

DECALS:  The decals will be distributed to business.   Boosters are very thankful for the businesses’ donations.

MS GIRLS BB:   Heather will sell passes and apparel on September 11.

FALL SPORTS AWARDS:   Tabled to the October meeting.

NEW PROJECTS/COACHES’ REQUESTS:  Trixie moved to allow up to $750 to be spent on a new camera for football and HS boys’ basketball to share to film games.   Julie seconded the motion.   All in favor.   Potential long-term projects were discussed; and boosters and coaches were encouraged to bring additional ideas to future meetings.



Discussions about getting more volunteers for concessions.

Discussions about senior night for soccer.

Rob moved to adjourn.


NEXT MEETING:   October 10, 2018 @ IWHS 7 pm