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Minutes January 2019


Members present included Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez, Kristen Kimmel, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, Trixie Pankey, Jeff McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Amy Miller, Tony Miller, Rob Fink, Marisa Perzee, and Coach Arie. 

MINUTES – October 2018 minutes were reviewed. Rob moved to approve; Cecilia seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  

TREASURER’S REPORT – October, November and December treasurer’s reports were presented. In addition, it was noted that Midwest Dental will receive a complimentary ad in the sports program for their donations. Stacy moved to approve the reports and Rob seconded. All in favor.    


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Discussion took place on whether to continue the bricks project or not. Consensus was to continue the project and order bricks as we can.

WINTER SPORTS PROGRAMS:   Programs are done.

THANK YOU: “Thanks” were extended to everyone who contributed to the activities held on December 22. Fun was had by all. 



WINTER SPORTS AWARDS: Winter sports banquet will be held March 4 at 7pm.  Heather will order cookies; Rob will help run table and Cecilia will pick up cookies.  

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:  Dinner will be similar to last year.   Heather will check dates and possible locations.  (March 1 or March 8) Location will be Inside Out or Shagbark.   

PACK THE PLACE: HS Girls BB – Thursday, January 10 and HS Boys BB – Friday January 11 vs Watseka.

BASEBALL CONCESSION STAND: An email will be sent to coaches asking if anyone wants baseball concessions.

FEEL THE LOVE: Feel the Love will be at the HS Boys BB Senior Night on February 8. Boosters will donate items similar to last year.

IW YOUTH LEAGUE BB UPDATE: The previous month Boosters had authorized a loan of up to $4,000 for portable hoops. Coach Arie requested that the funds be authorized up to $4,500 due to the cost of the hoops.  Stacy moved to increase the total loan amount to $4,500. Julie seconded. All in favor.

ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE: Coach Arie presented a quote for a new all-terrain vehicle.  The total was $9,000. Coach Arie explained that the Class of 2017 was donating around $2,500 toward the vehicle.  Discussion continued that there may be a member of the community willing to donate a used one. Boosters will help reach out to community members in hopes that someone will help donate toward the cause.

NEW PROJECTS/COACHES’ REQUESTS:  Boosters discussed the updated “Wish List” presented. Projects for distribution of funds were discussed at length.  

There was extensive discussion about the basketball shooting machine. The prior meeting minutes were reviewed that authorized the funds if there was a place to store the machine. The machine will be purchased.

Cecilia moved to allow Girls BB to purchase a tablet instead of a laptop as authorized at the last meeting.  Julie seconded.

Rob moved to invest up to $1,500 for tents that can be used for IW sports programs, understanding that cross country and track will be the primary users. Julie seconded.  (It was suggested that coaches contact Coach Arie to use the tents.)

Stacy moved to purchase 1 pair of high jump standards for track up to $800.  Cecilia seconded.

Julie moved to purchase one full weight rack and one adjustable bench for this year for the weight room and one each for the next two consecutive years.  Rob seconded.

Additional discussion took place, and Coach Arie and Coach Stone committed to continue to prioritize and review needs organized by immediate, long-term and highest priority.  

Rob moved to adjourn.  

NEXT MEETING:   February 13, 2019