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Agenda February 2019


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

  • January Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Winter Sports awards- March 4 at 7:00

Heather – order cookies and punch

Cecilia – pick up cookies

Rob, Heather, Cecilia at the table

Need to advertise on Twitter, announcements and have a one call ( no letter?)

  • Shooting Machine will be ordered before summer basketball begins.
  • All Terrain vehicle is still being looked for.  Looking for best deal. Need to decide if funds will be given toward it if needed- $2500 from class of 2017.
  • Coaches Appreciation Dinner is March 2 at Shagbark- Please RSVP if have not done so.

Need raffle items bought.  We did gift cards to local restaurants or ones that advertised.  Also 2- $100 vouchers for clinics. Other ideas?

  • Youth League Hoops- amount needed to loan youth League
  • Baseball concessions- Music Department,  Softball is still open.


New Business

  • Baseball Training machine on wish list for  baseball team
  • Collection of Ads for Programs- Track and cross country was contacted via email to collect on them but have not heard back from coaches.
  • Left over concession- not much left.  Propose we just let it be used by the Youth League on Saturdays and they can have the profits.  Also a MS dance ln March that it can be sold at. Popcorn and oil we could give/sell to Music Department.( not much popcorn left, and 2 bottles of oil)

Round table

Important Dates:

  • March 2nd  Coaches Dinner AT Shagbark
  • March 4th Winter Sports Award at 7:00

NEXT MEETING March 13th  at 7:00