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Minutes February 2019

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES- February 12, 2019


MEMBERS PRESENT: Stacy Connor, Kristen Kimmel, Coach Stone, Coach Arie, Trixie Pankey, Marissa Perzee, Tony Miller, Jeff McMillan, Cecilia Lopez, Coach Massey

MINUTES: January minutes were reviewed.  Trixie Pankey moved to approve; Julie Ahlden seconded; All in favor- motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  January report presented.  Marissa Perzee moved to approve; Cecilia seconded.  All in favor.


  • Winter sports awards- advertisement- twitter, social media, announcements and one call; will not do letter again.
    • Heather- order cookies and punch
    • Rob, Heather, Cecilia at the table
  • Shooting machine- will be ordered prior to summer basketball begins
  • All-Terrain vehicle- Coach Stone continue to look for vehicle if found then will send an email out
  • Coach’s Appreciation Dinner- please RSVP
    • Raffle items- 2 $100 vouchers for clinics
    • 6- $50 gift cards and some apparel items
  • Youth League Hoops- $4450 for two hoops will be needed; will need payment around March
    • Motion was approved last month
  • Baseball Concessions- music department
  • Softball Concessions- Current 7th grade parents




  • Baseball training machine- on Wish List asked by Coach Rhodes.  
    • Discussion on where it will be kept
    • Cost- $2000 estimate
    • Julie Ahlden made a motion made to purchase baseball training machine; Trixie Pankey seconded
  • Collection of Ads:
    • Coach Massey present at the meeting will lead collection of Ads
    • Need Booster liaison and parent representatives to help teams
  • Left over concessions- what is left will be given to Youth League to use on Saturdays and will have the profits
    • MS dance can use concessions and sell what is left
    • Popcorn and oil can give/sell to Music Department (popcorn and 2 bottles of oil.
  • Concession Cleaning- email to send out to clean both concessions
  • Wrestling- question on recognition on accomplishments at IW;
  • Invest in Iwest- donation question from community committee; will need an answer within a week
    • Excess of $1,000
  • Cash Bash- committee will need to meet to start planning; tentative date August 17, 2019

NEXT MEETING March 13th at 7:00