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July Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- July 31, 2019

Members present include: Kristy Arie, Lisa McMillan, Cecilia Lopez, Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Kristen Kimmel, Marisa Perzee, Rob Fink, Lisa Thiele, Jim Price

MINUTES: June minutes were reviewed.  Julie moved to approve; Marisa seconded; All infavor- motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – Treasurer’s report presented. Julie moved to approve; Robseconded; All in favor- motion carried


  • Equipment Purchases- None
  • Ad Sales- Ad checks are still coming in
    • We are a bit short from last year
    • BSN- will donate $75; they will deduct this from their bill for IW
  • Concessions- Next year concessions/chairs for sports
    • Will meet combine class sponsors with Booster Club and have classes do concessions; Booster Club will give a donation 
      • Soccer-
      • JV Football (3 Games) and Volleyball-
      • Football Game Cookies- will be ordered by school and charged to Booster Club
      • Girls’ Basketball- open 
      • Boys’ Basketball- Juniors have done in the past
  • Apparel- Apparel for next year and hats from football
    • Sold well at Registration Day
  • Summer fees- bills pending; will submit to Heather to get reimbursed
  • Check list- Distributed to be done at last meeting
    • Pocket calendars- done
    • Sports program- pending
    • Order for concessions- pending
    • Pork Producers- done
    • Cindy Guttendorf- done
    • Popcorn donation and bags- done
    • Napkins- done
    • Business to work- some pending
    • Class sponsor meeting and concession chairs; scheduled for 8/15 @ 7:30 P.M.
    • Apparel Chairs- done
    • Ad shirts and apparel to sell at games- done
    • Fire Dept contact- some departments still pending




  • Vice President for Danforth- Lisa McMillan nominated Sandy Howe; Marisa seconded; motion carried
  • Meet the Raiders- August 23rd Concessions will ask Rifle Club 
  • Country Financial- Would like to meet with Booster President and Athletic Director to discuss ideas they would like to do for the school and become involved in the community
  • Pork Chop Sale ads for paper- Ask Trixie to do
  • Concession clean out- Date set for August 14th at 6
  • Continue discussion of fundraisers, 
    • Cash Bash
      • 10 tickets left as of 7/31/19


  • Cam Stone- New trophy case at MS is needing replaced due to water leak; asked to help cover some costs once total is received
  • Theme Night for Football games
    • 8/30- Cheer Camp Night
    • 9/13- Hero Night
    • 9/27- Youth Football League- Tailgate 
    • 10/11- Homecoming
    • 10/18- Senior Night

Rob moved to adjourn meeting; Lisa seconded

NEXT MEETING: August 14th at 7 P.M.