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June Mintues

IW Booster Minutes-June 12, 2019 

Members present include Heather Frank, Lisa McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Kristen Kimmel, Marisa Perzee, Coach Stone, Coach Massey 

MINUTES-May 2019 minutes were reviewed. Julie moved to approve; Lisa seconded; All in favor-motion carried 

TREASURER’S REPORT– Treasurer’s report presented. Lisa moved to approve; Marisa seconded; All in favor-motion carried 


EQUIPMENT PURCHASES: Gator has been purchased 

AD SALES: Track team have been around to businesses. Heather is going to update the list and send to Coach Massey. He will follow up with businesses. 

CONCESSIONS: Talk about at July meeting 

APPAREL: Coach Stone will be ordering hats. 18 ball caps, 12 visors & 12 stocking caps for Booster’s 


OFFICER ELECTIONS: Lisa nominated Heather Frank to continue as President, Kristen Kimmel to continue as Treasurer, Cecilia Lopez and Lisa Thiele to share the Secretary position; Coach Stone seconded; all in favor. Other officers were elected unanimously. Carrie Davis step down from Danforth VP 

VP GILMAN: Marisa Perzee 

VP ONARGA: Rob Fink 


VP THAWVILLE: Doug Miller 


MEDIA CHAIR: Trixie Pankey 

APPAREL CHAIR: Cecilia & Lisa 

DUTIES: Duties were assigned as follows. 

Pocket Calendars: Coach Stone 

Finalize sports programs: Heather 

Order for Concessions: Heather 

Pork Producers: Julie Ahlden 

Talk to Cindy Guttendorf: Lisa 

Popcorn donation and bags: Kristen 

Napkins: Prospect & Onarga Bank-Lisa; Farmer State Bank-Rob 

Businesses to work concessions: Lisa 

Class sponsor meeting and concession chairs: Heather & Marisa 

Apparel chairs: Cecilia & Lisa 

Ad shirts and apparel to sell at games: Lisa (Heather will send ad list to Cheryl) 

Fire Dept Contact: Marisa 

CASH BASH DISCUSSION: 78 tickets sold so far 

GOLF OUTING: July 27th, coach needs to let Boosters know as soon as possible if they are needed to work 

ROUND TABLE: *Bricks found on ground. Jason Ahlden will take a look at them. *Theme night ideas for home football games: Tailgate party, mini cheerleading camp, 

Youth football night (Sept 13th) 

IMPORTANT DATES: *Registration- *Cash Bash-Aug 17th 

Julie moved to adjourn NEXT MEETING: July 31st 7:00 @ IWHS