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September Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- September 11, 2019

Members present include: Heather Frank, Kristy Arie, Cam Stone, Lisa McMillan, Trixie Pankey, Marisa Perzee, Lisa Thiele, Rob Fink, Kristen Kimmel, Jenny Leonard, Doug Miller, and Sandy Howe

MINUTES: August minutes were reviewed.  Marissa moved to approve; Lisa M. seconded; everybody was in favormotion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – Treasurer’s report presented.  Doug Miller moved to approve; Rob Fink seconded; everybody was in favor- motion carried


  • 9/13 Hometown Heroes Night
    • Morgan Connor wrote tribute; Shannon is reading Friday night at the game while the flag is out, followed with a moment of silence. Kids practiced last night with the flag.  
    • Prospect bank providing towels to hand out in remembrance of 9/11
  • 9/27 Youth Football/Tailgate night 
    • Lisa M. is pulling things together this week; Jenny, Marissa and Julie plan to assist in pulling things together. Doing the tailgate from 5:30-6:30.
      • last year we had cotton candy, pork chops, games, photo booth, food pantry donations
  • 10/11 Homecoming
    • Heather is working on getting signs outside and hanging the signs on the top of the bleachers
      • We need somebody to get the signs down from the poles by the bank.
      • Golf cart in the parade–Lisa M. 
  • Shirts, Apparel and passes- all selling well!!!  Up to 152 passes and last year we did 118.  We have had 3 re-orders to Iroquois Print.  
    • We are not going to do any more re-orders
  • Concession Stands- with the classes/students helping run, is going smoothly
  • Cash Bash final profits– $6,500.96 


GUESTS: Zachary Meister– Iroquois Farmers bank



  • Handing out Decals—going well
  • Freezer is out (that was the freezer that contained the cookies)
    • Zachary Meister offered to purchase a new freezer if a used one is not located; The Junior class president needs to take care of the cookies after the freezer is purchased. 
  • Yearbook Distribution
    • Proposed to give Zach a gift certificate for helping; $25 to Monicals and $25 to Pizza Palace.  Motion passed—all agreed 
  • Athletic Banquet dates
    • Kristy is going to look up the dates and will follow up the next meeting; (November 4th is potentially the date)
  • Pack the Place Dates (High school)
    • October 3rd was selected;  Trixie submitting to the newspaper
      • We will be throwing out shirts and will have a raffle for gear
      • Lisa M. and Sandy H. offered to hand out raffle tickets that night
    • Pack the stands for soccer was also proposed for October; the game starts at 6 pm. 
      • Raffle ticket for raider wear and throwing out shirts
  • Dippin’ Dots
    • Jenny Leonard has been in contact with them.  They supply the freezer and stock the ice cream- 8 different flavors
        • Cost is $2.09 a package/ suggested selling price $3.50-$5
  • Concession stand
    • Knocking the wall out between the storage container and concession 
      • Heather is going to talk to Josh about it with the school board to check into cost and details of what it would take.
  • Cross Country/Track payment for ads
    • $200 ($100 to cross country and $100 to track) was motioned by Trixie; Julie A. seconded the motion- all agreed
  • MS student council contact and payment
    • Contact person is now Kari (Kwiatkowski) Sywenski
  • Pack the Place (Middle School)/8th grade nights: 
    • MS girls basketball starts November 26th
    • MS boys basketball 1/23 
    • MS volleyball 2/27 
  • We were asked to donate a basket for Ol’ Boys auction
    • 2 cozies, 2 t-shirts and 1 sweatshirt was agreed upon
  • Dave Alvarez wants to hand out coupons for $ off appetizer after the game Friday (9/3)



NEXT MEETING: October 16th at 7pm

Julie moved to adjourn; Rob seconded