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August 2020 Minutes



Members present: Heather Frank, Lisa Thiele, Julie Alden, Kristy Arie, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel, Lisa McMillan, Trixie Pankey, Julie Reed, Marisa Perzee, Zachary Meister, Angelo Lekkas

MINUTES: July minutes were reviewed. Kristen Kimmel moved to approve; Marisa Perzee seconded; all in favor-motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: July Treasurer’s report presented.  Julie Alden moved to approve; Trixie Pankey seconded; all in favor-motion carried.  $5000 was put towards jerseys for the High School.  $2000 was put towards Middle School jerseys- Julie Alden moved to approve, Marisa Perzee seconded; all in favor-motion carried. 

Old Business

  • Hudl Sports- Hudl did not have a definitive answer about what would happen if football were to be cancelled.  It was proposed that we cover the HUDL subscription for $900 at this time, but not the Hudl assist package (may be added later as the season is closer). Lisa McMillan moved to approve, Marisa Perzee seconded; all in favor-motion carried. 


New Business

  • Livestream camera-$4000 one time installation fee and covers the gym and outdoors.  Lisa McMillan moved to approve;  Trixie Pankey seconded; All in favor- motion carried
  • Apparel Sales- submitted 2nd order last week; putting in a 3rd order next week.  It was decided that we are going to donate older apparel to the different schools for them to utilize as incentives- Trixie Pankey moved to approve; Kristen Kimmel seconded; All in favor- motion carried
  • Set date to clean concessions- Heather is going to check it out and see what needs to be done
  • Middle School Baseball concessions-DC group would like to decline taking it on this year due to circumstances;  If concessions are allowed, likely will only be prepacked foods/drinks.  Middle School Athletics will be taking it over for this year.

Round table

  • Friday night porkchop pickup
  • Trixie mentioned some sort of virtual “Meet the Raiders”.

Important Dates

  • First day of school- August 19th

Julie Alden motioned to adjourn; Trixie Pankey seconded it; all in favor- adjourned. 

Next Booster Club Meeting:  September 9th