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July 2020 Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- July 29, 2020

Members present include: Heather Frank, Lisa Thiele, Rob Fink, Julie Alden, Jenny Leonard, Kristy Arie, Kris Kimmel, Lisa McMillan, Jeff McMillan, Kathy Northcott, Marisa Perzee, Trixie Pankey, Angelo Lekkas, Erin Smith, Julie Reed, Zachary Meister

MINUTES: June minutes were reviewed. Trixie Pankey moved to approve; Julie Alden seconded; All in favor- motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – June Treasurer’s report presented. Jenny Leonard moved to approve; Marisa Perzee seconded; All in favor- motion carried; Check with treasurer regarding payout for middle school dance payout; Lisa Thiele made a motion to approved the payouts for girls and boys basketball concession; Lisa McMillan seconded


  • Check with treasurer regarding payouts for middle school dances and payouts for Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball concessions



  • Rob Fink stepped down Julie Reed to step and take in
  • Volleyball system- middle school is in need for a new volleyball system with discount 4,600 same as high school 
    • Julie Ahlden made a motion to cover entire costs; Trixie seconded
  • Hudl Sports for High School sports
    • Questions for Hudl is what if sports get canceled; do we get the money back
    • $3,600 for Boys and Girls Basketball and 1,900 for football
    • Tabled for next month
  • Volunteers to help at registration table next week- need volunteers; reach out to a member
    • 7-10
    • 4-7
  • Apparel will sell at the registration table


  • Homecoming date will be reset
  • Weight room still being offered


  • August 5th School registration

NEXT MEETING: August 12th @ 6

Julie motioned to adjourn meeting; Jenny seconded it; meeting adjourned