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November 2020 Agenda


November 4, 2020


Old Business

  • Livestream camera-$4000 one time installation fee and covers the gym and outdoors.  Lisa McMillan moved to approve;  Trixie Pankey seconded; All in favor- motion carried
  • Apparel Sales- submitted 2nd order last week;  putting in a 3rd order next week.  It was decided that we are going to donate older apparel to the different schools for them to utilize as incentives- Trixie Pankey moved to approve; Kristen Kimmel seconded; All in favor- motion carried
  • Set date to clean concessions- Heather is going to check it out and see what needs to be done
  • Middle School Baseball concessions-DC group would like to decline taking it on this year due to circumstances;  If concessions are allowed, likely will only be prepacked foods/drinks.  Middle School Athletics will be taking it over for this year.


New Business

  • Ideas of selling cut out people for home basketball games
  • Discuss taping the games prior to December 8th (that is when cameras are being installed)
  • Concession stands for players and coaches

Round table

Important Dates

Next Booster Club Meeting: