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Minutes February 2021

IW Booster Minutes- February 24, 2021

Members present include: Lisa McMillan, Cecilia Lopez, Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Lisa Thiele, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel, Julie Read, Jenny Leonard

MINUTES: January minutes were reviewed. Lisa McMillan moved to approve; Julie Ahlden seconded; All in favor- motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – Treasurer’s report presented. Julie Ahlden moved to approve; Lisa Thiele seconded; All in favor- motion carried


  • Livestream capabilities- working well; some glitches every once in awhile

GUESTS: none


  • Raider Rowdie t-shirts- side line cheerleaders for games; Julie Ahlden moved to make a motion to pay for t shirts; Lisa Thiele seconded; motion carried
  • Outdoor concessions
    • Football and soccer- may potentially have concessions; will need to wait and see if guidelines are changed.  Will need to look discuss this 
      • Senior Night to be first game of the season
      • Soccer starts March 9th– no concessions first week
      • Football to be discussed next meeting
    • Volleyball- no concessions as of now
    • Baseball and softball- Starts of April 23rd will need to discuss at next meeting
    • Booster club or classes OR split- to be discussed at next meeting
  • Hometown Hero Scholarship- Enough funds from last year to have a scholarship for two years; Lisa presented to get applications; Dane Thorne last year’s winning; Only had one applicant; will move to open it to be more broad “Hero”. Will be a $300 scholarship.


  • Donation from Grand Prairie in the amount of $2,000; will send a Thank You card

 made a motion to adjourn; seconded

NEXT MEETING: March 17th @6PM