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Minutes January 2021


January 28, 2021


Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez, Lisa Thiele, Julie Read, Kristy Arie, Kristen Kimmel, Trixie Pankey, Jenny Leonard, Sandy Howe, Doug Miller

Minutes-Cecilia moved to approve; Julie Ahleden seconded; all in favor-motion carried.  

  • November 2020 Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report- 

Julie Ahlden moved to approve the minutes and treasurers reports; Cecilia Lopez seconded.  All in favor-motion carried. 

Old Business

  • Apparel Sales–Sales have done well this year.  May do more apparel depending on how things go. 
  • Concession stands-no concession stands planned at this time; Booster club will donate water for all current sports (Middle School and High School).
  • Cutouts of people at games-This idea is being passed on at this time.  
  • Livestream capabilities $10.99/month or $69.99/year; information will be pushed out when things are up and running.  


New Business

  • Hudl Sports vs. Vidswap- Coach Arie shared updates; Hudl prices went up.  Vidswap has been looked into. Approximately $4300 for all stats for all sports.  This will be revisited after there is more information.
  • Hall of Fame- Coach Arie presented the idea of that IW potentially set up a Hall of Fame.  
  • Senior Night Activities-No updates at this time.  Kristy is going to look ta scheduling first to see what dates will work out.  

Round table

  • May want to start thinking about advertising for 2021 and how we want to go about it or if we want to approach it differently.  

Important Dates-

Next Booster Club Meeting:  February 24th

Julie Ahlden moved to adjourn; Cecilia seconded the motion.  All in favor-motion carried.