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April Minutes 2021


April 13, 2021


Heather Frank, Jenny Leonard, Lisa McMillan, Lisa Thiele, Julie Ahlden, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel, Trixie Pankey, Kristy Arie

Lisa McMillan motioned to approve the minutes– Julie Ahlden seconded; all in favor-motion carried..  

Treasurer’s Report was presented- Jenny Leonard motioned to approve; Lisa Thiele seconded it; all in favor-motion carried. 

Old Business

  • Concession stand
  • Coach’s Dinner
  • T-shirt contest; old backbone Raider t-shirt:  Looking into after spring break for the tailend of this school year and making the shirts for the fall-tabled until next meeting


New Business

  • Outside IW signs-signage is looking rough; may need to talk with school to help with getting those updated.
  • Quotes on concession floors-Cox Decorative Concrete $1800 quoted for the floor (296 sq ft)–includes labor/material/equipment (Booster will have to remove all contents; will take approximately 3 hours to dry.  Waiting to get 1 more quote before moving forward. 
  • Baseball concessions-music department does not want to do it.  A few emails have been sent to see if there is any interest; Will revisit next meeting.
  • Sports Banquet-the school has been doing this for individual sports this year since there has not been the opportunity for banquets.
  • Coaches Dinner-June 18th is booked.  Invites being sent via email soon. 

Round table

It was mentioned getting IW painted in town that leads to the school.  Julie is going to make some calls to look into getting that project in motion.  

Important Dates:

Next Booster Club Meeting:  Next meeting is tentatively June 1st @6pm

Julie Ahlden moved to adjourn the meeting.  Lisa Thiele seconded it-motion carried.