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August Agenda 2021


August 11, 2021


  • July 2021 Minutes 
  • Treasurer’s Report  

Old Business 

  • Outdoor concession stand flooring project update
  • Arrow paintings for town update
  • Sports Program/Ad Sales Update- Trixie 
  • Fall Duties- update

       * Pocket Calendars- Trixie

       * Concession Stands- Julie, Marisa, Sandy 

       * Pork Producers- Julie

       * Fire Dept- Marisa

       * Banks/Churches- Lisa

       * Apparel- Lisa/Trixie/Heather T

       * Popcorn/Bags/Napkins

       * Activity Passes- Trixie

New Business 

  • Debit card for Concession Chairs/New President
  • Open Houses
  • Meet the Raiders- Concessions, Apparel/Pass Table, Advertising, Other ideas
  • Classes for Specific Sports:F-JV Football/Girls Basketball, Soph-Soccer & Volleyball, 

                                           Juniors- Varsity FB Cookies/ Boys Basketball

  • Football Game Themes/ Form Committees

Aug. 27- Youth Night/ Sept 10- Hometown Hero/ Oct. 1-?

 Oct. 8th- Homecoming & Tailgate  / Oct. 16th- Senior Day 

  • Equipment for upcoming MS Softball program
  • Wall of Fame Committee Formation 

Round table

Next Booster Club Meeting:  September 8th