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July Minutes 2021


July 7, 2021


Julie Alhden, Trixie Pankey, Marisa Perzee, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel, Kristy Arie

  • June 2021 Minutes Kristen motioned to approve; Marisa seconded
  • Treasurer’s Report- Marisa motioned to approve; Trixie seconded 

Old Business

  • Outdoor concessions
    • flooring- Ben will be looking to complete the task in August
  • Arrow paintings for town- Marisa is going to work with Julie


New Business

  • Splitting duties for Fall- Class sponsors will be taking on organizing concession stands
    • Pocket calendars-Prospect Bank– Trixie is going to touch base with Brenda
    • Ordering Product for concession stands: Julie taking on outdoor concessions; Marisa taking on indoor concessions and Trixie and Julie Reed together on the Middle school concessions
    • Meet the Raiders-Julie A. talking with pork producers to do sandwiches and grilling sandwiches for the football games. 
    • Assign people to call each town’s fire departments to serve at football games-Marisa is going to call them.  
    • People to ask for following donations
      • Popcorn-Iroquois Federal
      • Popcorn bags-Iroquois Federal 
      • Napkins-Trixie asking Brenda at Prospect 
    • New apparel to sell- Trixie and Lisa M. working on this project
    • New apparel to throw out/give away at games
    • Order Activity Passes-Trixie contacting Kathy Norcott
    • Important Fall dates:  Homecoming and Senior Night; Hometown Hero night 9/10; Possible tailgate on October 1st– August 27th possible yfl/cheer night
  • Get sports schedule to Gilman Star
  • Update on sports programs-$7650 committed already; waiting for more to update next meeting
  • Elections for board positions:
    • Secretary Cecilia stepping down
    • President Heather stepping down
    • Danforth- Sandi Howe
    • Gilman- Marisa Perzee
    • Crescent City-Julie Ahlden
    • Thawville-Doug Miller

Newly elected officers for the 2021-2022 school year

  • Trixie Pankey President
  • Lisa Thiele-Secretary
  • Kristen Kimmel- Treasurer
  • Gilman VP-Marisa Perzee
  • Danforth VP- Sandy Howe and Jenny Leonard 
  • Onarga VP- Julie Read 
  • Crescent- Julie Ahlden
  • Thawville- Doug Miller

Round table

Important Dates:

Next Booster Club Meeting: August 11th